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Nov 22, 2007
Lost a loved one
Northern Bruce Peninsula
Hi, I have been jumping in all over. I am new with this forum and hope I am doing this right. I want to be of help out there. ALS is running wild in our family.

God bless you all, I wish my mother and my sister had this forum. They were both so frustrated that they could not communicate. This is great.


Welcome Norma-
I've read your posts - your family is in my thoughts and prayers. It is tragic for one family to have to deal with this disease so much..
You have a lot to offer - you can't do this wrong.... I ordered the book you suggested - and look forward to reading it
Hey Norma!

Sorry ALS has claimed so many in your family! Welcome to the forum...

Hi Norma -

Welcome to the forum.

Liz :)
Hi Norma. Welcome. Are you going to go to the Brampton Support Group?
I want to, when and where?
Hi Norma,so sorry that you lost your mother and sister to his horrible disease!It is tragedy enough when it strikes one member of a familly but i just cant beleive the anguish and heartache your family is going through with yet more members diagnosed.I hope you stick around because im sure that you have a lot of experience and coping methods to offer other members of this forum.And we will be here for you as well....god bless Gina
Hi again Norma. The meeting is at 6:30 at McCrimmon Middle School at the corner of Brisdale and McCrimmon. That is west of Chinguacousy Rd and south of Sandalwood. There should be information at
Thanks, I feel very ackward, Im afraid I will say the wrong thing. It is very frustrating to know that there are so many out there with this awful disease. We have such a big family, that my biggest dream is that they will unravel ALS with our family study. It runs in my mom's family. She was one of 17 children, so I have so many cousins that I can't even count them. The ALS is now hitting the cousins, we have 2 right now. I do want to be of some help. One of the many problems with ALS is public awareness. How many times have you heard " What is ALS? I have never heard of it." And people don't realize how bad it is until they actually know someone going thru it. One thing for sure is I admire all of you. What I read is so much love and compasion. You are all unsong heros.
Norma I would not worry about saying the wrong thing. What is thhe wrong thing if it is from your heart and true? There will be people there with ALS and others without it but they have been touched by it. You'll be fine.
I will try to make it

I used to go to the group meetings way back when my mom had it but gave up from frustration when my sister started. When is it? Norma
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