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Jul 24, 2005
Hi, Everyone. We are actually 2 of us - Trina and Carla Sue - therefore
"Trinasue". Trina has ALS, has already lost the ability to swallow and talk,
and has a stomach tube for feeding. She has been blind for close to 40 years.
The Sue half of this duo has been a friend of Trina (and her husband, Lou) for
over 30 years. I do not have ALS, but since I have 2 friends who DO, here I am!

Trina communicates by typing on a computer keyboard and we read her comments on
the monitor. We chat online. I use the voice function on Yahoo and Trina can
hear me. She replies by typing back to me. We are hoping that involvement with
this Forum online will open up her world - which of course has become limited
with the progression of ALS - and will enable her to both give and receive

So hello from Tallahassee, Florida, to all of you. We are GLAD to be here with you in this forum.
Hi Trina and Carla Sue. You will be happy you joined this forum. You will get lots of support and many questions answered. The people here are so kind and always help out in any way they can. Welcome!
Hi Trina and Carla Sue. Welcome to our little corner of the world. Glad you let us know where you are from because if you ask a question it can be relevant to your location. Medical services differ quite a bit between Canada and the US. I've been to Tallahassee a couple of times and it is a lovely place. Had friends kids go to school there and did some visiting. Hope the 2 of you and Lou will feel at home here and stick around.
We're pretty laid back and informal here. Kind of like Northern Florida. I think you'll find a good place here. Feel free to question, answer or vent when you need to. We are here to support each other. Jump in when you have something to say. Looking forward to hearing from you. Take care. AL.
Hi Trina and Carla Sue,
Welcome always happy to hear from new people and new input. I hope our little family which is growing every day will be a part of your lives to chat and help you in any way we can. Keeping this chain growing will enhance our education and possibilities of ALS to be a 3 letter word everyone will know about.
ALS About Loving Someone
Hello everyone
I am new to this site and new to als in Jan 2005. mine started in my upper limbs and i have lost the use of my right arm and the upper part of my left arm, gradully am losing the strength in my legs, but keep going every day.
typing is becoming increasingily difficult each day but i try as much as i can. ebjoy reading all the postings hope to hear from you all

Hi Margeo55. Sorry you have to be here but glad you found us. Feel free to jump in with any input you might have. We sure are getting a lot of new members lately. You almost need a program to tell all the players but if you stay long enough you'll become one of the family. Welcome.
Hi Al
Nice to hear from you. I find thisforum quite informative, and interesting. looking forward to getting to know the friendly people here.
Hi Margeo55. I see you are from Edmonton. Do you ever run into that Jerry Story guy out there. His profile says he is from Edmonton too. He has some interesting ideas. Not exactly mainstream but interesting just the same.
Hi Al
no i haven't met jerry yet, i have read some of his ideas on line, just getting to know my way around the site and who is on the site.
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