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Feb 24, 2024
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Greetings to everyone from Turkey. I am a 19 year old student. My main symptoms first started 15 days ago.While playing a game on the game console wit.At that moment, my arm felt too weak to hold it.I had muscle twitching that continued occasionally for 6-7 months, but I never attributed it to ALS.I thought it was stress because I was in my exam year.
But what I really don't understand is that what I say is not permanent.Yes, my arm was terrible at that moment, but 2 hours later it was normal.
The next day the symptom came again.The symptom disappeared again.
This has been going on for 10 days.When I show symptoms I swear I can't even hold a pen
This bothers me so much.Because it's almost time for my exam and I can't study.
I went to the internal medicine doctor and since my vitamins and iron were all at normal levels, he referred me to neurology.
The neurologist gave a date for spinal cord MRI and needle emg.
Now let's get to why I'm here:
I have 20 days for MRI and EMG and I want to ask you.
Is such a thing possible in ALS?If my symptoms were permanent, I would definitely think I had ALS, but it is not permanent.It feels impossible to touch an object or hold a spoon or pen while I have symptoms.
Have you heard anything like this before?Could it be juvenile ALS?If it is not ALS, what could it be caused by?
ALS weakness does not come and go. And you don’t feel weak with ALS you just can’t do something. Did the neurologist find anything abnormal on your exam?

Maybe you have a spine issue or something else but you are not describing ALS
First of all, thank you very much for the quick reply.The neurologist only tested my strength as an examination.He wanted me to push him, squeeze his arm, etc.I don't think anything bad will happen, but he gave me a date for a spinal MRI to see if there was something pressing on me.
I'll update this here when I have the results. I was very relieved to hear that there is no such thing in ALS, thank you.
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