Interesting story about Internet Pills

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Without going in to much detail, it's absolutely true...

The vast majority of medications purchased online are generic and illegal "knock-offs"..

They're manufacturer in remote locations of the world, there's zero quality control, and it's a billion dollar industry for the people that promote/sell this stuff.

Expect this to be very big news in the next few years... I also expect pharmaceutical companies to start a large advertising campaign regarding this issue, as it's there investment being lost..

Thing is, perhaps pharmaceutical companies should stop being so greedy, what they charge for medication is ridiculous.

It reminds me of the problem of pirated/illegal music and software... want to stop people stealing music, lower your prices.

Unlike music/software, medication is used to save lives, as such, you should want to ensure you're buying the real thing, not some made in China/Pakistan/Malayasia generic knock off that might be filled with who knows what to save money...

Please, please, be careful and use your common sense... the internet is helpful and handy, but it's filled with so many pitfalls and perils that I don't think many people understand just yet.

The government should be doing more to protect and inform.
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