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Hi AL. Once again I hope you will post this for comments for me. I haven't quite figured out how.. yet.
Rick was diagnosed with familial ALS and is recovering from the leg injury, as you might remember. My question is, does anyone know why he doesn't have pain?
Less than two weeks ago the bone surgeon took off the apparatus on his leg, and placed a soft cast. Just one week later Rick was told to walk, and walked without pain. He nearly ran out of the clinic (with his walker). I expected much pain and much physical therapy but there is none of either. It has been 8 months hopping on one foot awaiting the bone to grow... and he takes off like that without pain. He is supposed to wear a brace now, with a hinge at the knee, and around the house he isn't wearing it. This motor neuron disease is causing him not to have pain. The surgeon only commented "pain is good."
Rick was sent home on a narcotic for pain, many times after six surgeries. He has never taken any. He is repeatedly asked how his pain is today, at which he replies, "none."
I am overjoyed I don't have to see him suffer, but what does this all mean? Thanks. Marjorie
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Hi Marjorie. I don't think the ALS is causing Rick to not have pain. I'd think it was some sort of nerve damage from the original injury.
nerve damage

Thanks, Al... sounds reasonable...but Rick does have feeling in the leg and the foot. The doctor touches both legs in the same places, simultaniously, and asks Rick if he can feel both the same. The feeling is the same except where the muscle remaining had to be stretched around the calf to cover. Don't get me wrong, I praise God he doesn't have pain... but to think that he doesn't have to go through the usual pain of physical therapy! He is doing so well walking (with the walker)... and doesn't even tire!
The ALS is doing more things to him. He is in need to graduate from the Cpap to the Bpap and has a sleep study to see for sure next Monday. He yawns all the time. Also he has twitches, especially in one big toe.
We all deal with what we must... and make the best of what we have. Happiness is where you find it and you must look for it in many forms.
God bless you today and always, AL, and the same to all others who read this. Marjorie
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