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I deleted the post - to be harsh, yes ofcourse we delete and censor posts, if you find issue with that, you shouldn't use the website.

If we didn't, every forum thread would have links to porn sites, fake medical news, alternative scam therapies, and every other unrelated product and service you can think of.
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The post in question was taken from the ALS Association site. Whether it was old or not was irrelevant. The date the article was posted on the Association's site was the date I mentioned (inadvertently) which was the 13/2/07. For it to appear on the ALS Association's site bearing this date, made it even more interesting and relevant reading.

David, I think you are trying to discredit me and publicly sully my name. I have nothing to sell here or profit from anything on this forum. My motives are entirely honourable. I would prefer that you stop attacking my credibility.

Oh, you can rest assured that I will not continue to visit this site. I've tried to find support for my wife and my needs here and except for a few members, they've been shot down within seconds. Some "Support Group."

Your moderator doesn't understand that a viewpoint other than his may still be viable to others. I don't know how many times your moderator has added a comment after mine that implies that he removes links to scammers websites, even though I've never posted a link to any site. Several times I've had the same feeling that mlb expressed -- he's trying to slander me -- guilt be association, so to speak. I have no interest in becoming another "Grampal" sycophant. I have my own opinions, and in the U.S. at least, you're free to express them.

Thanks David for admitting the obvious -- censorship is alive and well on the ALSforums.

I've said it before. You can't please all the people all the time. There is not one person among us that can say that they have been liked by every person they ever met, or liked every person "they've" met. Obviously there a couple of people that are using the forum that don't like me or my ideas. That doesn't diminish me as a person and I'm not about to change my ways for the sake of a couple of detractors. I'll file it under Hmmm: but will try to not let it bother me. If that sounds pompous or callous then somebody has a problem and I don't really think it is me. Being in the literary business can fuel feelings of paranoia about censorship and for this we are sorry. So let's drop this matter. The intent of the original post has been lost and this is starting to get into mud slinging. Not one of us really needs that.
AL and David, you have my utmost respect and confidence. Anyone who has been here for awhile realizes that you are trying to help and that is your main motivation in everything you do. Thank you both for doing such a great job. It is greatly appreciated by the vast majority of your members on the forum.

I know there are times when each of us members might get caught up in a subject that we personally feel very strongly about and maybe get off the main purpose of this forum, but consider this people: How would like to spend your day reading EVERY post that is on here? That takes dedication, and a love for people that many of us don't have the time, or want to give the time to do.

Consider this before you criticize the moderator. It's basically a thankless job, with no money. How many of you would take on such a burden and put up with the nasty things that are said about you for nothing in return? Get the chip off your shoulder and show a little respect for the dedication that is being shown.

Capt AL :sad:
Sorry you decided to leave us Joel. I was always hoping your wife would decide to join us as she will indeed need support as her condition deteriorates. Hopefully you and she can find support and information on how to manage her disease through some other venue. Best of luck. Cindy
sorry to hear we now lost anna and Joel That too bad if we have a problem with someone on this site we should send a private message. And try and iron out the problem. I hate to see anyone leave pat:sad:
Has anyone heard of using injections of human growth hormone I heard its being use in Italy for ALS Pat
Hi Pat. Is that the one that patients sued the Government to be allowed to be used? I believe it is experimental if it is the same one.
AL I KNOW Sylvester Salone the actor was caught with it in his car 65 units for injection he takes then to define his muscle and look younger So even if I dont get cured Ill look good I am only kidding Its very expensive But if it works I would try it .Ill run it by my neuro I am sure if it works we would be hearing about it Pat
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