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Jan 3, 2007
This is dated 13th February 2007. Please read carefully - particularly symptoms as many of you here have concerns over.

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The article was 4 years old; the date you saw was "today's date"
Thanks David. It is nice of you to point out.

Still I think it was worthy of note especially for the newly diagnosed. Many PALS are unable to search for hours through thousands of old posts dating back to 2003 to find information. To "re-hash" is not a bad thing sometimes.

By the way where is the article? Have you or Al deleted it?
Not me. I'm not sure which article it was. AL.
Strange that it disappeared. I am surprised that posts are being editied or deleted without the author's notification. There was another person's post as well in response to the article. That too has gone. Can you explain what happened?

I'll check with David. AL.
what article where is it.:?: :?:
where is the article?

:mrgreen: hi. i, too, would like to read any article that would or could be helpful for those of us who are either caregivers or with als themselves. i come to this forum every day looking for any information i can find. al has been wonderful to answer all my questions and has been so helpful.

i would like to chat via e-mail with any of the caregivers who are willing to share some time and information with me.

Hi Al,

It is worrying that an article that provides information that could be relevant to some people on this forum can disappear this way.

If this forum is for PALS and CALS to share lament and progression of symptoms only, I will have no part of it.

To try and sell "cures" to vulnerable, desperate people for profit is despicable but to prevent these same people from accessing information that might assist them (even if mentally) is criminal. This is precisely the reason why they are on your Forum and why my brother asked me to join: to gather and share information.

Obviously, there is no free speach here. Big brother is watching and policing every single letter written even before it is posted. This paragraph from David on the "Eric" thread disturbed me. It is self-explanatory.

Update/Edit: This message worked for now, two of our "members" were posting a reply but must have decided against it; they didn't complete their replies and have logged out of the forum. A small victory.

Anna -

I'm not quite sure why the jump to the conclusion that you've been censored. I've seen one or two posts dropped which were so benign that I concluded it was accidental. Why don't you just post your article again?

There's tons of articles and links posted on this forum which I've found very informative. And lots of threads focus on coping, problem solving, and getting on with life. So I have to disagree with your characterization of this forum as just a place for people to "share lament ....." Sure some people here do that; but, if that's not what you're here for you can just skip those threads.


PS - Love your jokes on the Cheering People Up thread. :)
No one reads a message until it is posted. I have not been able to be here since sat. night so that anything posted hasn't been looked at except by members. David is the site owner and Administrator and I Moderate. I usually do no deleting and if anyone has a problem please email David. He will be glad to respond. Free speech is welcome here and to say otherwise is very unfair but I and David will not allow the site to be run or directed by malcontents and scammers and this is what you get at some of the other sites. We do things differently here. It's the Canadian way. We're a little different.
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Hi Liz,

It was David's quote on the Eric site which I have highlighted in my post that caused concern. I have nothing that I say on these pages that is worthy of censure, I can assure you. My motive here is to lend a hand as much as I can by doing searches and sharing information that will hopefully empower and strengthen ones resolve to fight back and keep faith alive.

Thanks for your comment re. the jokes. I am glad you enjoy them.

Goodness, you sure are full of yourself. National pride is one thing, but you're carrying it a little too far. Please spare us the "I know better than you, I'm canadian" routine.

You can't have it both ways. Either you censor or you don't. I don't think mlb's link had anything to do with scamming anyone. I also don't think she's a malcontent. So why was the original link deleted?

As I have said before if you'd care to read again. I did not delete it. Possibly David did and if you have a problem with the site he's the go to guy. It's his site. We do censor for various reasons explained in other posts. I think we have discussed this issue between ourselves before as well. As for the Canadian flag waving I would say we have something to be proud of here. Universal health care, low crime good climate in some areas and some of the friendliest people on earth. Come on up and see us sometime. You just might like it here. I'd never say the Americans shouldn't be patriotic. Even if I was within my rights to do so. I'm not confrontational by nature. I guess you might be. Type A personality I would guess.
And by the way I did not mean to imply that mlb was a malcontent. Her link just had old news in it and I'm sure if someone did a search it could have been found. So it was not censoring per se but a housekeeping measure. Geesh hope spring gets here soon. I think everyone's getting cabin fever and getting testy. Also checked with David and it was he that did the dastardly deed of removing it.
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