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Oct 11, 2007
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New Jersey
As some of you know I have run the gamut of doctors and tests since my illness last summer that began with severe cramps and fasiculations in both calves and feet. Later in the fall I began to occaissionally choke on saliva and have some minor difficulty with swallowing. Severe anxiety and insomnia were my partners which exacerbated the other issues. I had made headway with the anxiety and sleep issues but the physical symptoms have never abated. Recently I suffered from an outbreak of head to toe hives for a reason yet unknown and have been put on daily prednisone and two antihistamines by an immunologist. They don't think it is related to food or drug. I am not complaining or anxious just looking for some insight into my throat issues with others who may suffer in this regard. I have a constant feeling of thickness and resistance in the soft palate pharyngeal area. It feels as though I have to force the swallows. tightness under the tongue. Alot of secretions before the pred. etc. I can't seem to find a positiion where it doesn't bother me. I had a MBSwallow in Jan. that was normal. Neuro doc says no tongue or speach problem so she doesn't know what it is. I am now back into the insomnia trap, accentuated by the prednisone and have not been on my supplements or low dose klonopin because of the allergy issue. What to do? Wait until you constantly choke or can't swallow at all? I just don't know what else I can do and am looking for some input. I have no right to complain as I am not diagnosed but have found a few compassionate friends on this forum and I am grateful for that.
Not open for further replies.