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Nov 9, 2006
Al, Dave, or Cindy -

I would like to know where I can access details about forum infractions which were referenced in a thread that appeared yesterday (since removed). I am happy to follow the forum rules but it became clear to me yesterday that I may not know what all of them are. Thank you.

Hi Liz- You can find the rules here:

David does a very good job of making sure that we are safe, in a medium that carries a lot of potential for misuse and abuse. I support his rules and the reasons for them, and I am proud to be associated with his fourm, my co-moderators, and all of our members. Cindy
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Im sorry...

but that ban of that woman with ALS yesterday was terrible...
I understand, Lou. You are perfectly within your rights to express your opinion. Hope you have a great day and a better weekend. Cindy
Cindy -

When I clicked on that link I got this message:

Error 404: Page Not Found
The page you tried to view does not exist on our Web site.


Try this one. Explains term of service. This infraction system is a new part of the new software and I'm unsure how it works myself. David has sent me a message explaining what is going on and I agree with him. I'm not sure if he'll want to post it but have asked him too. There are some behind the scenes activities that have taken place which dictate his stand. I'll stand behind him.

P.S. David has posted in his blog about the infractions. Blogs are near the bottom of the Forums page.
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That worked. Thank you. :)
Perhaps the infraction was a bit harsh, it's a new feature; however, I'm glad its available, it's a quick and easy way to let people know what they can and can't do.

Jeannie was not banned, nothing resulted from the Infraction other than she got an infraction and knew why.

She sent a private message asking me to delete her account; I deleted her account.

The infraction simply says that if you accumulate enough of them, you will be banned for a temporary period of time, or if it's a blatant violation, permanently - this wasn't the case yesterday.

I hope it never comes to a permanent ban for any beloved member, but if someone continually posts the same links over and over, and doesn't stop when asked, then I suppose someone will eventually get banned. Here's hoping it doesn't come to that.

The link in question was posted many times, I delete them every time I see them and they were soft-deleted so she knew not to post them, but she continued to do it, rules are rules; she got an infraction.


There are very good reasons why we (I) don't allow certain links on the forum.

The terms are very clear as to what is tolerated, and what is not.

I rarely if ever will explain, opening that can of worms will require me to do so everytime.

For the most part, I'm invisible around here, once in a while I do things that people don't like (sometimes I have to do things that I don't like), but such is life I've learned.

Over the years, there have been many people banned, asked to leave, quietly dismissed, etc - once in a while it gets attention.

I do try my best, and often, if questionable, will hear about it from the more important people of this forum such as yourself, Al, or Cindy.
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Fair enough.

Since the thread was pulled, I'd just like to verify for those who missed it that Jeannie withdrew (in objection to Dave's message about an infraction) and was not banned from the site.

Am I being dense about where to find those rules on the forum? I thought I looked everywhere, but could not find them.

I checked out that new blog feature, too. Pretty cool. Never thought of myself as the blogging type; but, maybe that will give me something extra to do when I retire. :)

? jeannie?


Was Jeanie the Dharma email person? Is that what this thread is about? I looked under dharma in membership & never saw a listing.

Thanks for all previous answers,

No. Jeannie was a long time member who also runs an ALS chat room from the UK. It was her posting links to her chat room that violated the forum rules.
I think we will all get used to the new forum in time. Change is always difficult but these changes are for the best, in the long run. Thanks, Liz, for telling folks how to find Jeanne if they want to maintain a relationship. Cindy
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