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Mar 3, 2007
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Good morning all,
It has been quite some time since my last post and I had to a little goofed up and changed emails...bla, bla. bla. I am formerly angelbab'smom. This is lengthy but I need to vent. Mom diagnosed in 10/06..she and Dad live in Mississippi, I live in Michigan. Mom is really fading fast. She made the decision early on she did not want feeding tube or vent and I have to respect her choice. She's down about 45lbs in last 3 mos. All she really has left is a very weak and garbled speech and her mind...still sharp. Her breathing is labored and she doesn't eat much of anything anymore...she's afraid of choking. I've been down 3-4 times this year and I speek with her on the phone everyday even if it's only for a minute or two. I can still hear and understand her and her nurses and my Dad are amazed because they struggle to hear her when they are standing right next to her. I believe God has made sure we can still communicate this way because we can't be together. Mom is tired..she's tired of the fight and has asked me to come down one last time and to come soon. She is leaving me and I need your prayers that I make it in time. My flight leaves this Friday....please everyone, please pray that I make it in time. She says she's waiting for me. We just need one more time. You folks have been wonderfully supportive, caring and brave. Please send some of that my way. Pray for peace for my Mom. I don't want her to suffer anymore. I am her baby and she is my best friend. Thanks to all of you for supporting this forum...without you I wouldn't have anyone else to turn to. I do have my family and friends but really no one who can truly relate. I will keep reading and post again when I get myself together. Please just pray as I pray for all of you. A special thanks to MtPockets for your help in getting me the contacts for Hospice. They have been wonderful. I pray for you and all in this community. Thanks again.

Laura-you post brought tears to my eye. I pray you make it and I'm betting on your Mom. She sounds like a remarkable lady and I bet she'll hold on as long as it takes for you to be together again! Hugs, Cindy
Thank you and God bless you. Mom really is remarkable. She's strong and bull headed enough to wait for me. If I believe it, I will receive it. Hope you have blessed day.


I pray that you make it to see your Mom. Terribly sorry your family is going through this.
Oh, Laura may God bless you, sweet angel of God. (Please do not be mad at me for calling you angel, dear or whatever), some people do not like that, but this is all I know. This is the best way I know how to express myself, so please bear with me. First of all Laura, your mom is an angel, I am praying to God that he allows for you and your mom to see each other again, to express your love for one another, and most importantly so you can hold her close to you. I am praying it will happen. Let us know, hon. Your post made me cry, it broke my heart in two. Als is so mean. It is so hard, soooooo hard when you watch your loved ones fade away like that. Let me tell you something babe, after watching your loved ones suffer so, it breaks your heart in a trillion pieces, but at the end when our Heavenly Father picks them up,, shortly afterwards after we lay these angels to rest you will feel His arms around you, you will be blessed with such comfort and peace. It happens so mysteriously. This is such a good forum, we have a wonderful bunch here. May God bless you and your mom, your family, too, of course. Be expecting to hear from you again.

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Laura, I will be praying for you and your family, where are they located in MS.
thanks for your support. Mom and Dad live in Long Beach. Mom is in care home in Gulf Port. If I remember correctly, that's not too far from you. Am I right? Thanks again.


I will be praying for you and your Mother tonight! It is so very very hard. Asking God to give you that peace that only He can give you and to give you His strength.
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