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In memory of my lovely wife Joni

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Oct 25, 2020
Lost a loved one
Homer Glen
Well next week will be the 3 month anniversary of my lovely wife Joni’s passing and ending her journey with ALS. She was not quite 61, and it had been just over 3 years since her symptoms started. She had bulbar onset, so the first symptoms were slurring speech, then followed by difficulty swallowing. She was always athletic and physically fit (we enjoyed running, triathlons, golfing, hiking, camping and an active lifestyle) so it was really hard for us to believe she could have this disease. Eventually we accepted it and did our best. Throughout her journey she never complained once or had any self pity. She remained strong, positive and faith filled right up to the last day. She taught me so much and oddly enough this disease truly made her beauty shine. She had weakness but still had some use of her arms and legs though she did have fronto=temporal dementia with it. I was her full time caregiver and loved taking care of her. Needless to say the void she left is huge but hopefully I will find purpose again in time.

I do want to say a big THANK YOU to the wonderful people on this forum that were so helpful to me. I only asked a couple questions directly which were always answered quickly with helpful info, but also got so much help just from searching and reading all the information already posted. This was a most wonderful and needed resource for me.

It is a cliché, Dale, but illness brings out the truest personality of both the person affected and their caregiver(s). I imagine both of you would be described by others as full of light.

I'm glad the forum helped you.

Peace to you Dale on the passing of your wife Joni.
Very sorry for the loss of your dear wife Joni, Dale! Wishing you peace as your journey continues... Jon
Sounds like she was a strong amazing person. Sorry for your loss
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So sorry to hear about your loss. It is so encouraging when you see someone handle a serious illness with such courage. I too have been diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS and one doctor reminded me that I can be a light to others who face challenges. I hop this is true for me as well.
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