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Aug 10, 2005
Hello ALS Family!

Well I have a question.... We have a great deal going on at home right now my wedding day is this weekend and everyone is stressed out!

Well we know that dad has always sighed it is the way he deals with his stress. Dad is a bit dramatic with everything and we love him for it... It's a running joke that he loves to shop and have drama like one of the girls.

In any even the last few days when he sighs it is like from so deep that he even snorts sometimes.

Does this happen to anyone and is it something to be concerned about. Is there something we should watch for or is it all part of anxiety, stress, and fatigue from all of the above?

Thank you in advance for your response...

Love Jen
How's his sleeping been? Does he use Bipap? Any headaches or sleepiness during the day? Congratulations and have a great day.
Dad has been sleeping just great actually. I think he went through a rough month or so with changes at work and just having a great deal of his mind. All is good now.

Dad does not use any bipmap or anything like that. His breathing is fine he does his lung exercises. Does all of his other exercises laying on his back and no problems...

What do you think this could be from just sighing from fatigue and or stress?
Oh and no headaches of any kind... Just the normal tention headache behind his neck every once in a blue moon.... Dad has always been great from 6:30 am - 5:00pm and then he will snack and watch TV and does off on the sofa watching TV. Then he is eats dinner and does paper work and watches more TV doesing off on the sofa. He normalll goes to be around 11:00pm and then up at 6:30 am....
Could be either stress or tiredness. You have no idea what it's like for us dad's to give away our most prized posession( our daughter) besides our wife to someone else and have no idea if they will last or be happy. I think I was doing a lot of sighing myself. Maybe just pre wedding jitters. Have a great day.

By the way I mean prized posession not in the context of ownership.
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Have a long and happy life together and I hope your weddign goes off without a glitch! Regards, Cindy
The Wedding was GREAT!

Hello eveyone.... Thank you for your response and good wishes...

The wedding was so nice... Everyone looked so nice, dad and mom, my bro, me, and my new husband we were all so calm and had a great time. Dad danced the night away with his walker on the dance floor it was so nice to see... He was talking all night and ate well and was so happy. Mom and dad even got along great!

All the worry for No reason he did great and everyone said how wonderful he looks....

So the honeymoon was great and dad was home all week by himself and did a great job with the house and taking care of himself from what I can see...

I do have some questions if you all don't mind.... Does anyone have days when they just don't want to do anything at all? Sit watch TV and not move? And on these days d you find that you are more tired then any other from being in that one position all day? For the first time I noticed that dad was tired, and I believe I say him struggle with his right hand a bit... For some reason he does not want to strech, he is being moody, and he even fell yesterday cause he lost his grip when trying to get up from the table. When this happend he was so mad at me and continued to walk around and laugh cause he said what can I do I have to laugh at it... He was just not himself this weekend... Something is not right.... Good days and bad days happen to us all. However, on these days those with ALS does your energy seem lower, and your sympotons seem more so cause your body is tired and you are just feeling down and out? If so what can we do to make him snap out of this?

Hi Jen. Glad everything went well. Sounds like classic symptoms of depression. Extreme tiredness, no interest in things that you used to enjoy, just wanting to sit and do nothing. Is your dad on ny meds for anxiety or depression? He might even benefit from a support group.
Need Some Input

Hello AL,

thanks for the response... No dad refuses to take another medication. The doc told him to take a mild form of prozak but he refuses to do so... Do you take anything and if so what kind?

He does have a great deal on his mind with my grandma getting older and the doc's saying that she can't live alone any longer. So much is going on at work. This keeps his busy and he likes it but he is going all day driving and in and out of stores and work from 8:am - 5:pm... He gets home does paperwork and watches TV and takes short naps on the couch and then goest to bed at like 11pm - 6:am....

Some days you only hear 1 or 2 sighs and they are small and like the ones I would let out. On other days you will hear 4 or more and they are loud and deep like the ones that come from your feet all of the way up. I ask what was that for and he says I have to let it out so I don't stress inside and make myself sick.

Last night was a tuff night for dad they were discussing where grandma is going to live and he worked all day long and did a great deal of walking. J streched him cause he was really stiff last night and had trouble on the last step... He did great streaching. Brathing fine on his back with his legs to his chest and all of that....

Last night while sleeping I heard him let out a really loud moan do you know what this means? Stress, Depression, Anxiety?

Please let me know if you had experienced this or if it is common with ALS that would be helpful.

When you have bulbar onset, besides the speech and swallowing difficulty, you can't spit or blow your nose like you used to. Also, laughing sounds strange. Probably also sighing, but I do little of that. I miss blowing my nose, though.

Hi Jen. I don't take anything other than Ativan at bedtime. It's an anti anxiety med. Wine does help me as well but Lee will debate me on that one. Deep sighing could be from any of the reasons you mentioned. I really couldn't say which. Depression in some form is almost always associated with ALS. Some get over it quickly on their own and some require meds or counselling. Once again as with many facets of this disease, everybody's different. Sorry I couldn't be more encouraging.
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