importance of "Life Review"

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Apr 7, 2007
Hi all -
I just wanted to share how improtant it is for you and your family, and PALS that you take time, a lot of time enjoying photos from your life together. Life review is a very special event that is important to all of the family and dear friends as well as PALS - or other terminal illness. I know you are all so busy just trying to meet the daily needs of you PALS and family - but don't forget to take time sharing pictures & stories - have some laughs, but be prepared to cry too. This is such a valuable gift to all involved. Please, if you haven't yet, make some time in your busy schedule to reflect together.
I'm making a "power point slide show" for my friends and they are very involved in the process - and it is hard at times, but the slide show task gives them lots of things to talk about instead of ALS. They are enjoying the whole process and plan to give the "show to family members for Xmas. So if anyone in the family that has basic computer skills, could do this with you too.
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swmn, nice post! I am so glad you brought this to everyone's attention. I am a picture taking freak for as long as I can remember. I have pictures from wayyyyyy back. I took lots and lots of pictures of my 2 boys as they were growing up, and some of me and my husband as we were becoming of age as boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, grand parents. So when my son passed we made a very wonderful and lengthy video, from the beginning to the end, with music to go along with it. You will never regret doing that. My son's funeral was not as somber thanks to the video, and eulogies from friends and loved ones. Pictures and memories are nice to have and share. God bless you for bringing this up! swmn, I'd like to make one thing clear, my son's video were pictures of him only, and not the whole clan, maybe mom, dad, and bro here and there, but we tried to make it all about him. It was beautiful.

swmn, you have a nice holiday. I am working on having a good one, God bless each one of you!

Wonderful idea & tribute


Wish I had thought to do this with our family. What a wonderful idea and a tribute of sharing the life with those you love.

Thanks for sharing.

Hugs, and Prayers,
When my PAL husband's sister died also of ALS her children made two large picture boards to display at her wake. They said it was such an emotional but also joyous time getting together all the pictures and remembering. I wish they had done some of that while my sister in law was alive. It makes me think that we should be doing some picture looking - and remembering with my husband now before his speech becomes too hard to understand. Then he can contribute some memories also.
Why wait?

Yes 12c that is precisely the point - why wait? This is therapudic for the PALS and CALS and families alike. Life review is a special part of moving through the anticipatory grief - there is so much you wantto say and share - it shows the PALS that they will not be forgotten , rather, remebered for all the good times. It's a celebration of the good times you've shared
Wow i cant believe you did again you have such great ideas!So important for families to have those memeories you trully are a blessing to this you are always one step ahead!
Wonderful reminder

You're all so right.

I helped Linda (my PALS) put together memory albums for both of her children as well as choosing pictures and having them made into a DVD for the family. Yes, it was emotionally difficult at times when Linda would stop and cry about the fact that she would not be around for college graduations, weddings or the birth of her future grandchildren, however at the end of it all she found great peace in knowning that she
was leaving a legacy of love that she made sure was organized and thoughtfully expressed on each page of the memory album she left behind.

We also made baby quilts for her future grandchildren to be, complete with personalized labels that read "made with love by Grandma".

I will always be thankful for the lessons I learned while helping Linda. Though I'd never ask to do it again, I must admit I am a better human because of the experience. I've learned that each day is a gift and I try my best to live each one with a sense of gratitude and joy.

Wishing you all Christmas blessings.
That is so true! My daughter (awesome on the computer!) has been scanning all of our old photos and burning them to CDs with music in the background. Quite the task as we have 1000's of pictures! She started the project cuz her Dad can't hold the photo albums anymore, and he loves to look at them. She's compiling a CD each of her brother, herself, family, extended family, and special occaisions and is going to give that to him for Xmas to play on his laptop. She searched the web and downloaded an awesome program, and what she's done so far runs more like a movie than a power point presentation. My husband will be so tickled! We can also view them with our DVD player on the TV. Like you said, it's good to reflect and remember all of the great times!
I like that idea! Sounds like an awesome project. At each geft-giving occasion, I have been giving private memontos to family members- with a little story of the memory that the item evokes for me. I am sure my family does not understand why, but they will some day. Cindy
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