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comfortable with ALS

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Sep 24, 2007
st.clair shores
To all the pals and friends, ive been getting pm from people and have had messages in my post, that im not taking into consideration. i am not here to get support for my baby dying. I love the people who have though thank you.If I wanted that i would go to those kinds of forums. second the reason i posted 15 times today because i was told that you have to post 15 times to pm people, i didnt do it to be mean, i see now being that iam a new member here i didnt no what to do, what i shouldve done was pm somebody and aked them what i shouldve done. sorry third thing is lets not think about the crazy girl that doesnt belong here and think lets give her a chance now ive been dealing with nueros since i was pregnant the first time after i gave birth is when it started even worse the constant twitching nonstop for 5 to 6 months yes i have had 3 emgs but really close together and a lot of you on here have had the same problem as me, i was really coming here for the fasics nonstop not the baby iam sorry if others took it as that. i was just sharring a quick story so you all could get to no me. i have an apt with als doc tomorrow and i hope there is nothing wrong, but believe me i no my body better than anyone else as alot of you on here have said and docs are not always right. again iam extremly sorry if i offended anyone on here, i am really embarrased. sorry for all the of this i would never want anyone on here thats going through this, to worry about my situation you have your own problems to worry about. sorry about all the mis spelling to thanks jenny
Hi Jenny. We all appreciate how stressed you are. Please let us know how you make out at the doctors tomorrow.

Hope your doc visit gives you some answers. let us know!
Jenny, how did you make out today? Let us know, we care!
Dear Jenny,

I also hope it went well today, meaning you do not have ALS or any other life threatening disease. As others wrote I would like to know.

Also, your PM sent to me today is not answered. A person needs to have been on the forum long enough to write 50 messages, not 15 before the PM function will be allowed. This means 50 real messages not the same one 50 times just to get into being able to do PMs. This protects us from people getting into our private mailboxes. You were savy enough to get your message into my email, without me having to come back into the forum to read it. You and Dharma are the only PMs that I could read from my own mailbox. The others I could only read from the forum when I got the alert. I have no idea why that is.

You say you have misunderstood but continue to do so. Why? Al told you several days ago not to do PMs as a way to "get help" from the forum Yet you sent me a PM today October 1, 2007, instead of responding to a message I wrote you under the Welcome New Members - Say Hello thread, on the forum's main page.

Please follow the rules. They are good rules. Peg
I had no problem responding to Jenny's PM's yesterday or today. And she replied back so I know she received them. Maybe the 15 she mentioned is right? Not sure with all the new rules yet!

Is there a full moon or something that everyone seems so upset these last couple of days? So many, and I don't mean anyone in particular, seem to be telling others off. It's only writing and we can chose not to read it if we don't want. I guess I have just always felt really bad for anyone who has looked for help from this forum, knowing that they must be scared and sick... and I have been on this board long enough to have seen others freaked out and kind of hysterical. Back then, though, we calmed them down and were quite compassionate. I just don't know what has happened to that. I have not been diagnosed with a terminal illness, but a chronic one that could kill me. That would never stop me from reaching out to someone begging for help. I wish the nastiness would chill out.

Jenny, please let us know what the neuro had to say today. I know you are going through a hard time and are trying to relax, but we are here when you need. I think Al and the other moderators would agree that's what we are here for, but probably better over on the do I have als forum.
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Now it is my turn,

Please disregard my last post a few minutes ago, as it was not a message from Jenny but someone else I was not to reply to but can. I am sorry for the confusion. Sincerely, Peg

Hey Peg Like again ive apologized about that. What are you trying to tell me, i dont understand your making me look really bad and i dont think thats fair i just sent out an apoplogy to everyone, so those rules you say i have to follow instead of making me feel uncomfertble in front of everyone and making me look stupid you couldve addressed me in a different way. I will let everyone no hoe my day at the als clinic went later thanks jenny sorry peg for bugging you.
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