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May 25, 2004
Just thought I'd post a message to get things off my chest. My dad has been very sick for the past year and the doctors are very sure that it is ALS but have not yet made an official diagnosis. I have watched my six foot two hundred and thirty pound father waste away, have trouble getting out of chairs and become very depressed. I am finding this so extremely hard to take. I look at the number of people who actually get this disease and ask "WHY"? I just can't stand to watch what is happening and find myself in denial until I see him and can no longer deny it. I am my mother's only support and she is taking this almost worse than he is. I am constantly faced with hearing every little detail about his deterioration every night and am finding myself soo very overwhelmed. How do I deal with this myself and be my mother's main support and watch this happen to my dad? I feel so tired and upset. Any advice?
I to am a sad daughter. My mom was diagnosed with ALS May 16, 03. I quit my job and left my home to move in with mom & dad so that I could help. It has been a very hard journey so far and is only getting harder. You have to keep care of yourself and try and be there for support. I find sometimes I'm very angry with what is happening. Dad leaves a lot on my shoulders as he is having a difficult time dealing with the thought that he is loosing his life partner. We will get through this. I know that it seems overwheling at times but then we have a laugh and you forget for just that moment that there is something wrong. It does help to talk to people. If you would like to you can email me at [email protected].
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