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Sep 4, 2018
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North Carolina
Hello everyone , I’m new here and I have some questions that maybe you would be willing to answer or help ease my anxiety. So I’ve had muscle twitches all across my body for about 2/3 months now. I was diagnosed with Prostatitis and ended up on 3 different medications. My anxiety levels where extremely high during this time and I noticed the twitches started shortly after this. They started in the arches of my feet and now have hit me from everywhere. Triceps, shoulder blades, lower calves, but they seems to be in random places. Honestly it seems to be much worse at night when it’s time to relax. I also have noticed some dizziness as well as small stumbles and feeling like my knee might buckle. Also having issues with mental stability, getting very emotional and ready to cry and then happy and hyped. I also am experiencing some screw ups saying some words as well. Also lastly in having a lot of mucus and spitting up/coughing up stuff. I looked online and really I’m overly paranoid this could be ALS. I forgot to mention I went to a neurologist and she did a baseline test on me and said she saw no signs of ALS, or weakness and signed me up to do a EMG and a Nerve conduct study on Sept 10th. I’m just really nervous and can’t get it off my mind.
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