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Sep 2, 2007
I've been lurking on this forum for far too long, but have finally taken the plunge and signed up. Hopefully, in time, I can contribute something back as I've already learnt so much from everybody here.

I'm still quite new to all this web malarkey and have found it's a very steep learning curve. My background means I'm happy writing web content,
but the design
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Well if you've been lurking then you would know that we allow NO advertising. I've deleted your link. Please don't do it again.
On spot, Al! I concur! Cindy
deleted link

Hi Al,All my life I have played "Devils Advocated"so do not take offense in my post,I am once again doing just that.I am also a strong advocate of free speach as long as it doesnot defame .So I am uneasy as to why you deleted the particular link,unfortunately I did not get to see it...you may have been right in deleting this one,however I thought as adults ,we could make informed decisions on whatever was posted (as long as it was not offensive or defamitory)In my own experience on other forums,links have been allowed and if they were not pertinent to the forum,members could post their opinions and perhaps even point out the dangers and/or misconceptions regarding them, if necessary.If they were offensive they would be deleted.The reason I am making this point is simply that I have in the past accessed some of the links posted ,and even though I had found them in general to be USELESS and way out in left field ,occasionaly the was reference made to some item, supp.,,data,chemical processis undertaken by our own cellular set up....etc and these indications sometimes led me to some useful information that was pertinent to this condition(mnds)Sometimes any information,however insignificant as it might seem,can lead to better info.,and with this condition any information that can lead to other important info. can be valuable.I have posted info that I am sure many do not agree with,and I dont presume to tell anyone what to use ..especially as I can not relate to the physical" sensations" of this condition(for that I rely on what my daughter or other patients describe.) as I do not have it,I do know that my daughter does not want to do the research as it would put her in direct contact with all the descriptions available (good and bad) and these would only serve to remind her of her condition.So, I do the research and whatever positive info results.I share with her.So in concluding I will research everything and anything that even remotely(or ridiculousely) refers to this condition even the things in "Left Field" in the hope of finding something ....anything ..that might shed a light on how this process starts,progresses.and hopefully someday soon will be curable!I feel the answer is out there,someone may even have "tripped " over it ,but just not realised that he,or she actually has.Like I said I am not trying to P--- annyone off,but some times the dumbest things can lead to something significant.."devils advocate"...Manfred
Hi manfred- we are just trying to keep the forum related to MND issues. Spammers dump links to all sorts of products and this board would get cluttered up real fast if we didn't clean it up 2-3 times a day. The board is owned by David, who pays for all costs associated with keeping it up and running. Moderators volunteer to keep the topics focused on MND and weed out those who are trying to make a buck by selling bogus treatment, per the owner's wishes. Can't say I blame him. If it was my money keeping this site up and running and people wanted to take it over by posting links to every product under the sun I'd soon begin to question the need for a support fourm.

I get my advertisements from TV and radio. Don't need it here, too. JMO, Cindy

Hi Cindy, Your point is well taken,I guess I havent been here long enough to experience all the nut cases you guys have ,and I do understand the need to keep the info valuable and related to MND. issues ,so I will defer to Als expertise on these matters...as I said, I was only playing" devils advocate"I do hope ,though that when we are talking about links in general,if there is an interesting "link" to new and updated information, ie, trials and results specifically related to mnd.s. , that they do not fall into the category of "unwanted posts."Manfred
This fine gentleman had a link to a complete set of pages selling cheap airfares, cars, rentals of various equipment etc. As I stated in my post, if he had BOTHERED to read anything regarding this site he would have came across the rules which state no advertising. I am spending upwards of 1 hour per day removing accounts of people advertising pills to porn here. That doesn't include the ones Cindy and the others catch. We don't just take out anything. Just the crap. You want Viagra? Probably 10 ads per week plus pain pills plus Lord knows what other meds from offshore countries mostly Russia. If anyone has any doubts, give me your email address and I'll forward some of this stuff to you. It's really not worth reading but the offer is there.
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Yes, Thanks Al, Cindy. I Myself Appreciate Getting Rid Of The Crap Like The Porn I Saw While Seeing Who Was Online. I'm Dying Ok I'm Want To See Heavenly Visions Like Many Others On This Site. Not That Junk God Bless You All
Yesterday i caught one of them in the process of registering. I googled the IP address and found that several other boards had banned this individual for "Comment Spamming." When the post went up, I deleted it of course, but this time I also emailed :pizzadelivery" that he or she should be ashamed for spamming people all the time. No response.

BTW - while I was emailing PIZZADELIVERY, at least 2 other "new members" were registerung from the same IP address. One of them posted the porn some of you may have seen earlier. Cindy
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