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Sep 6, 2007
I hope ya'll don't get tired of my questions but I'm not sure who else to ask. to update just a little, Daddy just got out of the hospital after spending 4 days in there. I got the very dubious honor of crawling all over two nurses while he was there. One I went back and apologized to . . . the other I'd like to get a piece of him again. Maybe next time. . . :twisted:

Last time on here I was asking about a feeding tube. Daddy had just about decided to do it and then someone told him that he would never be able to lie totally flat again. Is this true? There are times that the only way he can get comfortable is to lie flat on his back. If he can't lie flat, we'll never talk him into it.

Also, he speech is just about gone. When he's up in the chair or sitting up in the bed, that's not much of a problem because he writes on his board but that ability is going away too. At night when we are having to get up with him, it is extremely hard to understand what he wants. Can anyone give me any suggestions for types of communication? We had already thought about flash cards but I wondered if there were any other things we could look at.

As usual, thanks a bunch! :-D

hi Teresa. I've never heard anyone say you can't lie flat with a PEG tube. Sounds just plain wrong to me but I don't have one so we'll let some one with one set you straight. His Occupational therapist should be able to help with communication devices.
Hello Teresa,
I have had my peg now for a little over a year. I lie on my back all night long. I never have any problems with it leaking or comming lose. If it did leak there is a way to tighten up the flange on the surface which would stop it from leaking.
I take a shower every other day and get it wet without any problems. I feel that if you clean the surface around the tube daily, there will not be any problems.
After a years time I have gotten very used to it and have never had any complications. Also as my ability to eat diminished the peg has made a very big difference in the time it takes to feed me. Pretty soon someone will need to feed your father and this will help save lots of time every day.
Good luck and whishes to you and your father.
Hi Teresa,

If your dad has his feeding tube set at continuous drip he will have to be at least at a 30% incline while the feeding tube is on. This is due to aspiration risk. If he uses bolus form of feeding I believe he should be able to lay flat other than when the feeding is on.
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