If you are a teenager and suffer from fears about ALS, read this.

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Apr 13, 2019
Some of you might remember me as the kid who was worried about ALS over 2 months back. I got rid of my ALS fears and I hope this post will help other people too.

So first of all I don't have ALS, and probably will never have. This is confirmed by 2 neurologists, and no I didn't have EMG because it wasn't necessary. I trust my doctors.

So if you are one of those who are under 20, here is some reassuring information. All based on medical facts.

ALS is overall rare, for adults too. We would be talking about prevalence of 1-2:100000. If disease has rate like this, it's rare in medical terms. This is for adults.

So now let's get to the part of people under 20. Now we won't be talking about ALS, we will be talking about JALS (juvenile ALS). ALS case is treated as JALS if the age of onset is under 25, but we will be taking a look at cases that have happened to people under 20. There are not many cases of this happening. From the medical reports that are available on the internet, I managed to find a number that suggests, that there would be around 27-30 cases of ALS happening to people under 20. That number is astronomically small, when we are talking about diseases.

We can take a comparison for this. There is a disease called Kuru that is treated as "ultra rare disease". It's a disease that is associated with people who are cannibals. (This disease has occured only in regions in africa). There have been around 200 kuru cases reported in history, and remember this is still treated as ULTRA RARE. So ultra rare disease has 7 times more cases than JALS under 20. You people have to understand how small number of cases we are talking about.

So let's talk about the prevalence of JALS under 20.

Limb onset would be less than 1:1 000 000
Bulbar onset would be something across the lines of 1:2 300 000
Respiratory onset: this has to be a joke, really

Remember these numbers are accurate ONLY if you are actually showing real ALS symptoms. (clinical weakness, determined by a neurologist.

I hope you don't have to worry about ALS anymore if you are a teenager like me.
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