If this is going to happen, then we will win !

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Mar 26, 2005
If we want something to be done so that a cure for ALS is found, we must open a
bank account and all of us, PALS, CALS, and friends, from all over the world,
contribute whatever one has; some a lot, others a little.
To make this account a legitimate one, we need lawyer friends who will help us
start it, make the rules clear and leave not doubt as to its purpose; perhaps
some University, someone who will be willing to offer voluntary help.

The money collected in this account will be given to the person who finds the
cure for ALS!

The account will have to show in ALS Forums and friendly websites so that
everyone can monitor its progress, and each and everyone of us can contribute
their own ideas as to how more money can be collected.
Many people have told me that instead of trying therapies of doubtful value they
would rather deposit part of their money in this account.

There are plenty of ideas, and they cost nothing.
Great idea but if I understand correctly your idea, (may be I am way off base) we may get into muddy waters, regarding the ethical/moral standards of the scientific researchers/community. What are your thoughts?
This money account is for all the people (PALs) over the world.
Greeks and ancient Greeks, Americans and Indians,
Arabs and Hebraics,
Japanese and Chinese, Aborigines and Australiens, Christians and Jesus,
Moslems and Mohammed, Buddhism and Buddha etc…..
This about ethical and moral.

2.scientific researchers/community
Well, the scientists and researchers work for money,
that’s why I want to make this money account,
so that they can work for us , to find a cure.

3.Or do you think they work just for a good soul? :lol:
it is my 3rd try trying to reply to your response because of computer problems.
I still feel that a monetary prize would cause very unsavoury actions for some researchers that could place some persons at risk, especially in developing countries. Not all countries have medical standards for research.
Try to Google search: international medical standards for research
and the double standards of research in developing countries
There are similar foundations in the United States; NY The Estess sisters and the ALS TDF. I don't know if they are international.
I don't want to give money for promises,
but for sure and proofed theraphy,YES.
New Zealand is a country with real democracy,
why is it real? New Zealand and maouri.
Think a little, not you Patsy, everyone who reads this.
I don't think Stephen Hawkings reads this, maybe he understand.
....About black holes on earth.
>He don't believe that someone understand him<
....and I make the mistake, I thought you will understand me.
I have my doubts about the logic in the proposal. When a cure or effective treatment is found, I do not believe that the credit will be the result of one single individual or a sole organisation effort. I believe as with past precedence it will be because of collective endeavours world wide, which are built upon.

Its true that the major pharmaceutical companies are not putting their clout into finding a specific treatment, however they are of course interested in finding treatment for some of the more well known neurological conditions. Some researchers are offering the hypothesis that a number of these neurological conditions are related, if this is so, then a cure for one may follow quickly for others, including ALS.

For us with ALS/MND it is absolutely essential in my view to raise higher the profile of ALS/MND worldwide and we should all take the opportunity, when ever it presents it self. I personally tell, all and sundry of my acquaintances about ALS (not in a woe is me fashion) and its effects. My reasoning is a bit like pyramid selling ie tell one person and they will tell two and so on.
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