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Feb 3, 2008
Learn about ALS
I know everyone is probably tired of me. I have great great days then I have totally wreckful ones. I am 28 years old. Short story here:

About Oct 07, I experienced onset twitching (random thuds here and there)..all over..Even private parts. :oops: I mentioned to my GP in January and they diminished on their own in Feb 08. I hadn't had ANY until recently...4 months ago. I saw my GP @ about 2 months in to it..he did strength test..all were normal. Told me it was probably anxiety- but nothing sinister. Well my concern got the best of me. I FINALLY got the courage to call a NEURO and get in ASAP.
This is at about 3.5 months into the all over random twitches (for me I have NO HOT SPOTS). I hardly get to see the suckers. They thump once and disappear. :confused: I saw the Cheif Of Neurophysiology whom conducted a THOROUGH neuro exam..tested ALL my reflex's.. (ones I didnt even know I had) lol. Gave me 5/5 on strength- told me all my reflex's were perfect and asked if I had heard of "Benign Fasciculation Syndrome" in which ofcourse I had. She diagnosed me with that.
Then she scooted her chair up to me and got about a milimeter from my skin and started hitting my muscles w/ a rubber hammer to make a fasic appear and or to aggrivate one. NOT ONE APPEARED IN HER OFFICE...she couldnt make them appear either and she tried for a good 15 mins..
She then said , If I am discontent w/ her DX she could do a EMG, but that would be for my reassurance not to seal her diagnosed b/c she was confident in what I had was benign. Being pregnant (7 months) I declined.
Well since this whole time I've had twitches, sometimes I experience shoulder pain. Which leads me to think my arm is weak (percieved). I can still do everything normally. Its off and on...nothing constant. It had hurt before I saw her- but my strength was especially good upper well as all over...(it didnt hurt @ the time I saw the neuro)..Just recently it has began to hurt again. I am sleeping on my left side (as they suggest you do during pregnancy). So I am thinking maybe I am laying on it wrong. It also sometimes hurts up in to my neck- mayebe I've pinched a nerve.
Im just confused- my twitches are almost gone now. (I've taken magnesium and citracal plus D) and I have hardly had ANY twitches. I'd say they are down to a 5% . I have none when moving- just at rest when they do happen.
Should I be worried or rest assured my exam was fine. Im trying to enjoy these last 9 weeks of my pregnancy.....
Anyones reply would be nice..

All of what I just read from your thread sounds wonderful and you should be enjoying life. Your twitches are going away (almost gone and that definitely doesn't happen with ALS) . . . the pain in your arm is almost assuredly due to you sleeping on it and your neck problem is most likely due to the same thing (put two pillows under your head when you sleep on your side: that will put your head and neck in a more natural position). It's nice to hear more good news on this site . . . that is . . . someone else who does not have ALS. Congrats!
I agree with Wright 100%. Go out and enjoy life.
Now ya have 3 answers to your thread! :-D
Make that 4 answers. My advice is to find some group in your community that needs help. You will feel a lot better if you help serve meals to the homeless, read to third graders at your local elementary school, bring some plants to a nursing home; the opportunities are endless and it is emotionally impossible to feel anxious when thinking of others.
hello boxersrule

i would just like to add a couple of points/questions that nobody has mentioned.
from what you have said the twitching started around the time you got pregnant.
has a doctor noted this? you said you have started taking supplements and the twitchings stopped, i think this is more than a coinsidence and you may have a defiency due to your pregnancy. being pregnant can do strange things to your body.
please enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and the coming arrival of your new baby, the stress you have been through lately wont be doing your baby any good or your blood pressure.
relax,pamper yourself, chill out. you need to save your energy and sanity for the new arrival.
take good care
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