Ideas on accessible vans

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Oct 6, 2006
saratoga springs
Just starting to research accessible vans. We have a mini-van..was wondering if it makes sense to convert our van..or buy one that is already converted. Also, Looking for ideas on what works..and what makes sense when researching vans. Thanks, Kelly
When it comes to vans be sure you get one with enough head room. Depending on the type wheelchair you are using, mine is a Quantum 6000, it may require more headroom. Plus I am 6 feet tall. The combination for me makes it very difficult to find one with enough head room. Actually go try one out before you buy or convert your van.

Some of the vans have a lowered floor, some have a raised top. I have been told the best thing to have for entrance is to have a ramp, not a lift. The lifts have a tendency to break down. Also it is nice to have a remote control with an powered sliding door if you can get one.

I hope you find what you need.
Hi Kelly. Depends on what year and condition your van is. We are using a rear entry Pontiac Montana manual ramp lowered floor. I use an Invacare TDX5 chair. Mack truck of chairs they tell me. I'm about 5ft 8in. and have to watch going in and out. I could bump my head. It has 4 bucket seats and my chair sits almost beside the rear buckets. There are quite a few sites around if you google handicapped vans. Try to get one nearby incase of problems.
great advice

great advice, as my husband is 5'11. We have a new chair on order so will wait until it arrives before we even start the process. Wow..this is all happening so fast. We have a new hyundai..still need room for the two kiddos 4 and 6. Thanks again for the words of wisdom. We welcome more ideas. Fondly, Kelly
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