I would like th thank all of you for your help in the past but i still need some hel

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Sep 23, 2008
First off, I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my posts and then to reply. This morning I had my MIR done, (both the Nueo and GP had to be convinced by my wife to do it). As soon as it was done I brought the CD to my Neuro. to be read. He asked the people in the waitng room if he could take me first. He is really a good guy.

He reveiw the MIR and told me it was fine. He once again told me that I did not have ALS. I asked hime if he was 100% sure? He replied 98%.

I again said what about my tongue? It has been twiching in the same area for the past 16 months. Not a day goes by that I don't worry that it will spread to other areas of my tongue. The tongue twichs come when I yawn, cought, form certain letters, cold or warm fluid hits it, or when I become dehydrated.

He tells me not only that my GP, ( a good freind) has been seeing me monthly for the last 16 months. He also says he has been seeing me for the last year. They did this to monitor me. Coupled with the testing they have done that is how they came to the conclussion.

I said fine but what about my tongue.He said it could be many things like damage due to the constant swelling I had due to allergic reactions or the infections due to root canals. It may be somthing I will have to live with for the rest of my life. It is also time to start thinking about getting off the Lexapro.

With out knowing why my tongue still twichs I still have deep concerns about ALS. I am to see the Nuero two weeks

I would love to hear your thought on what I should do and if my concerns are real and any question I should be asking.

Thank you
hi there!

Is your tongue the only concern?
Thank you for replying, So far yes my togue is the main concern. Once in a whil my arm and shoulder will get stiff. my Gp says that it is because of my ability to act as and adult.
All I can think of as I read your message are the thousands and thousands of hard-working people in this country with serious illnesses who cannot afford even the most basic health care, or who have to wait months and months for an appointment ... while you say you have two doctors "monitoring" you monthly because you have a benign tongue twitch.

And you've been staring at this one spot on your tongue for 16 months afraid it's going to spread. And they've been telling you for 16 months the twitch means nothing.

And what is it you want the people on this forum to do for you ?
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I loved your reason for the edit, you just make me giggle all the time.

Renee ... it was really good, too. Hated to take it out. :-(

Us sarcastic people, yes I am one, that's just my humor, We feel we are quit clever even when no one else does, I probably would have left it. lol
I confess to not withholding sarcasm on occassion. But what the heck is this post all about? I am confounded! Dumbfounded! (and I'm a fairly smart guy, ha, ha - snicker snicker.)

Tmarino, if you won't take the hint from these distinguished medical professionals that have been seeing you for the past 16 months, what the sam hill can anyone on this forum do for you. Oh, I know! I could tell you my dear departed grandmother died of a tongue ailment very similar to what you're experiencing and it happened very quickly!

But I'm not that mean (and she really didn't die that way anyway).

What else... Oh, I could urge you to continue on with your quest for answers regarding your twitching tongue by saying the doctors you've been seeing are all quacks; thereby convincing you to spend more money and waste more energy on all concerned/involved in said quest. But, again, I'm not that mean.

I will say you have stirred some creativity in me that need not exist and now I'm ashamed I've written this but will post it so some may laugh with me.

P.S. Forgive me for being bad. But, for those who have snickered with me, smile!
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I think you may find that answers to your thread are going to be a bit strained, and may or may not be stripped of sarcasm (we can't all be as refined as BethU). You seem to have an extraordinarily patient GP and neuro (especially one who would squeeze you in ahead of other patients).

If the words of your neuro are not enough (and they should be as he is the one with the medical degree) you can read dozens of other posts on twitching in these forums. You will find that there are so many possible causes they fold back in on themselves forming a black hole that apparently allows only ALS fears to escape.

One of the most common causes of muscle twitching is anxiety, which you seem to have in abundance. The AboutBFS forums have a number of posts from people who have had BFS for years and whose tongues twitch.

If you have not already, please seek some counseling for the anxiety issues. Find a distracting hobby. Write romance novels with neighbors and friends in key roles. I'm taking a lighthearted approach, but don't take that as apathy. Just understand that there are so many people on this forum who would give anything to have tongue twitching be their only health issue.

Take care and best of luck,

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good thing I'm tired

all I know is-
It's a good thing I'm tired, and it's late, and I should be sleeping-

because I sure can't figure out what the h*&! is going on! Nor does my very sarcastic mind need to tonight,
take care all,
I knew I should have behaved myself...

I'm so ashamed...

(snicker, snicker)
Hello T...I am with Robert on this one. Also, maybe take a break from doctors for a while. If you find yourself with atrophy, weakness, and, denervation, please come back for support!

Best of luck to you!
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