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Feb 25, 2006
Hello people, I seen a thing yesterday about a actress off the guiding light i think that was the soap don`t warch so don`t know if i am right. but anyway this actresses brother has ALS and they are doing a ALS walk has anybody else seen this? it was on the discovery channel. but her brother talked and i am figuring that he had bulbar onset cause he was moving real good but had slurred speech.
Dave and Al you guys need to get spell check on this forum cause i can`t spell worth a hoot and i don`t want anyone to know it.:-D :oops:

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I know of an actor who was once on the guiding light who had als. He played Rodger Thorp. His name was Michael Zasglow, think I have spelled it right. Not sure about the one you are speaking of. This man's wife finished his book he was righting called not that man anymore. Sorry not sure which one you seen.

Hi Kim,

Missed that ALS walk program.

As for spell check - I would not get too stressed about it - we're all friends here...

...however, sometimes on longer posts, I will first write out my post in a Word document and then cut and paste it directly into a post. In addition to having the ability to spell check in Word, I also don't have to worry about losing my post due to some computer or internet hiccup.

Actually David and I talked about spell check and he was looking into systems where they weren't too complicated to download. Maybe this will jog his memory.
i seen this yesterdy

I seen this comercial yesterday and it was not micheal z. i knew about him this guy i saw was still aive he was on there talking with his sister maybe a different soap opera. i was more interested in the walk thing. i think the web site they posted was haven`t looked it up yet. i was just kidding about the spell check thing cause i can`t spell doesn`t mean every one else can`t.

Hi Kim, I have trouble spelling too, I downloaded a free spell checker and it works great pity it didn't check grammar as well lol

It is very easy to use & download, all you do is right click after you have finished writing your text, select check spelling and hey presto :-D just click download on the left, hope it helps.

Also for long reading text I use a free text to speech program called Readplease 2003 again it is easy to use and download, just copy and paste the text into the box and click play.

Jeannie xxxix
thank you

thanks me and my possie (AL) LOL forced david to put it on here.::mrgreen:

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