I think i may have als but im not sure

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Feb 15, 2023
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It all started back in October of last year. I injured my bicep in the gym and got on to the topic of als. I do not recall twitching but I did have weakness in both arms and lost a significant amount of muscle since I am an ectomorph. Nevertheless I regained almost full strength but I haven't returned to the gym nor did any physiotherapy.

Recently I did a lot of calf raises and it is fully my mistake for not warming up. I felt soreness in my left calf on the achilles and it felt uncomfortable but I didnt think much of it. I've always had creaky knees, not severe but I have learned to live with them. So 4-5 days after I stopped doing calf raises due to the mild soreness I noticed while wearing my bag I could not bear much weight on my legs. My knees hurt and almost seemed to give away. After some bedrest I noticed I could not flex my right calf for as long as I used to before and immediately came to the conclusion I had strained my calf. Minimal pain but unable to walk normally due to muscle fatigue In both legs.

I have not been diagnosed yet but I will be soon as specialist appointments take long. After the first day I noticed twitching in both my calves. A lot of it. My legs feel weak and I cannot stand for as long as I used to but this may be attributed to the injuries. The twitching happens mostly on the inner side of my left calf, under the knee of my right calf and on the achilles of both calves. I also noticed twitching on my back, left shoulder and left arm but this rarely happens.

I have normal movements in both my hands and feet and my speech is normal. My tongue also has no issues. I noticed a cramping feeling on the night I could not flex my right calf. But I dont think its there anymore. My main concern is the twitching.
If you read the stickies here, you will see that twitching is not at all the main concern and it does tend to migrate but in most cases, that is the power of the mind, not an illness. Yours sounds just like that.

The rest, as you say, is likely down to inadequate stretching after laying off exercise, etc.

If you are able to see a physio or massage therapist, or just to do a warm pool, slow walking, gentle stretching (try classical stretch videos), you can do a great deal for yourself in advance of any confirmatory (that you do not have ALS) appointment.
I'm sure you will find a simpler answer and effective treatment.

Please read this post carefully.

Good luck with the specialists - probably looking a your diet, hydration, stretching and some physio will see you return to full health in a reasonable time if you are willing to put the work into yourself.
I visited my ortho specialist and he ordered blood tests for thalassemia, thyroid, and vitamin deficiency. The weakness has spread to my upper limbs. My legs are sometimes good and sometimes bad. My lefr wrist seems to give away sometimes. And I feel pressure below my left eye on the cheek and my left eye twitches from time to time. Calf twitching decreased significantly but I still feel weaker. My neck feels weaker. As someone who used to lift heavy weights and live an active lifestyle I seem to be declining by the day and it is frightening. The only upside that I see is that my right calf can be flexed again but definitely some weakness going on. My legs also get cold from time to time and then they switch to hot despite no temperature stimuli that can cause this. I literally do not know what is going on.
Literally, not one thing you write is anything like ALS onset; not one. Like others have said, stretching, physio, and hydration go a long way in making one feel better.

Good luck to you.
The tests ordered seem like a logical path to follow.
I don't think we can do anything further to be honest.

You aren't reporting ALS symptoms. That doesn't mean nothing is wrong. We only deal with ALS here and are supporting our terminally ill and their carers.

Work closely with your doctors and stay off internet searching as it isn't helping you.
You can come back and let us know the final diagnosis, as that helps everyone.

I'm afraid it won't help if you think that adding a few more symptoms will suddenly make it sound like ALS to us. It just isn't.
I got the bloodwork results back. No hyperthyroidism or thalassemia but im dehydrated. I got started on ors and vitamin tablets yesterday and im drinking a lot of fluids. My symptoms havent been alleviated. My leg muscles have become soft from calves to buttocks. I cannot stand for long because of the weakness. I feel pain after walking in my hips and knees. I have a spot of swelling on both of my ankles. I feel tingling all over my legs and this all happened within a week. I cant help but assume the worst.
Please return to your doctors to discuss your results and what they plan to do next to address your symptoms. This forum is not able to provide you with the diagnostic assistance you are looking for. While it is not ALS, you do need medical attention, and a doctor is the person to speak to.
Not sounding like ALS in the tiniest bit.
Really? You take some vitamins and drink more for one day and say - nope not improving? It takes a lot longer than that.

But please read our replies carefully. You don't have ALS and returning to add a few more 'symptoms' thinking you will change our replies is not going to happen.

No more here, this is an ALS forum. You must go talk to your doctor about these concerns.
I apologize if i came off disrespectful this whole experience happened too fast

A little update: i went to a neurologist consult and my strength was excellent and my reflexes were normal with no clonus(2+). The doctor was convincing and unconcerned with anything serious and said there was no need for any further tests to check for anything neurological. He also brought to my attention that my ck levels were well within the normal range and that the widespread twitching that began within 2 days into my symptoms is proof its nothing serious. I havent noticed further symptoms and it seems to have plateaued and i will be consulting more with ortho later on.
Glad you got seen. I hope that you are reassured by the neurologist’s assessment so that you can move on. Good luck with the orthopedic appointment
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