I think I have it

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Apr 4, 2006
Dear David, Al.

I think I am getting the hang of it, manuevering around this forum.

Thanks Spud01
I think i have it !

You made me laugh, i thought thats an interesting title. When you said it was the website you understood like me i have struggled! When i thought you ment the disease ALS/PLS you cracked me up! ps: not being rude cracked me up means made me laugh. (i am British well acually i am Welsh)
David a good Welsh name our ST. David patron saint of Wales!

from a Welsh woman living in the countryside of Wales lol
OH! From what I have seen of the Welsh countryside in books and on T.V. it is SO achingly beautiful. The United Kingdom countryside is a feast for the eyes. About 3 years ago, doctors were debating at that time whether I had ALS or not. I was so dismayed because I had been planning a trip to Scotland and I debated whether to go at all. Why "waste" money on me if I was going to be ill, I thought. But my doctors told me to definitly GO anyway. I was glad I listened to them. I was actually diagnosed with PLS in 2006 by Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland.
When the doctors were first evaluating me, they thought I may have ALS but because my symptoms were developing over several years they weren't sure. I was in the process of planning a trip to Scotland and I was suddenly in dismay as to whether to go at all...why spend the money on myself if I didn't know how long I would be around? It was as if I had lost my self worth. I told this to my neurologist and he shook his head and said GO! Go and do what I had always wanted to do. Well, I did go and I am SO glad I did. Last year I was finally diagnosed with PLS at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. It is similar in symptoms to ALS as it involves the voluntary muscle deterioration but NOT the involuntary muscles such as breathing and heart. Sometimes, it can develop into ALS but who can tell if that will happen? It is treated with the same medicines as ALS, though. I hope you all take that trip just as you have planned and have a wonderful and memorable time!
Sincerely, DBowman
A miracle would be for the damaged nerves to cmpletely reroute themselves...miracles do happen!
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