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Jun 30, 2008
Learn about ALS
i have some questions concerning muscle weakness and slurred speach and fasciculations. what is weakness in als like u start to have trouble walking and the infected part just cant move like it used to or is it a shaky feeling like your legs shake. and the slurred speach is it very noticeable or is it just harder to talk or does your tounge hurt. and if fasciculations are the first sign of als how long after they start do you start to see more symptoms such as weakness or atrophy. the reason im asking these questions is im tryin to gain more knowledge about this disease because im still really scared abut this because my fasciculations still have not stoped or even got better they move 24/7 and u can see them all day and my localized fascics never stop they are there all day with no lettin up. please i need these questions answerd im about to lose my job because i cant work right cuz this is non-stop. and i also have been having shaky legs and shaky hands but i dont think i have lost any strength in them. please answer my questions i need them answerd i need to know more about this disease from the people who actually have it

I have read your previous posts and the very patient and considered replies. I don't have a diagnosis and like you I am also worried about my symptoms. However, I have seen a neurologist and he has conducted tests and I am waiting for his informed consultation with me. No one here is able to give you a diagnosis. You need to seek professional medical advice, with someone medically qualified and able to assess you clinically and carry out any tests. So all the worrying in the world is not going to help or stop until you see a neurologist.

Please will you go and see your Doctor as I am genuinely concerned about you but you need to discuss this with a Doctor. You say you are at work - is there a occupational health nurse you can see?
Hey trey,

there is someone on this post that just posted he has had bfs for 4 yrs. It can make you weak. try not to panic.

Do you have insurance?

yes i have insurance and i just went to the neuro yesterday and he did alot of blood work to see if that may be causing my fascic. but i just wanted my questions answerd cuz i just wanted to gain more knowledge about this.
I understand your fear, I really do.

But ask your neuro for a emg/ncv. Tell him you are unable to even focus. He can give you somthing for your anxiety in the mean time.

An emg will help your piece of mind and go through all the tests and see where that goes.

i just had an emg/ncv last week and the ncv was normal but the emg showed alot of fasciculations like in every muscle he poked but he still felt that i did not have als
So I guess the question is - do you trust the doctor that tested you and what results he found? You need to see someone about your anxiety as has been suggested before. You will not do yourself any good by worrying yourself to death.:neutral:

Wright already responded to your question about fasciculations showing up on an EMG. There really isn't anything I can think of to add that hasn't already been offered to you before by not only Wright, but the other caring people on this forum.

I do have a question though, have you read the "sticky" at the very top of this forum page? It is titled: Read this if you have Twitches or Fasciculations It talks in depth about fasciculations. If you've not read it, then please take the time to do so, it is very thorough.

good luck to you:)
Has anybody else heard of the Tennessee Waltz? I think trey is giving us one. He won't read. He won't listen. He's another Delb. Won't listen. I will not be wasting anymore time. The Lord helps those that help themselves. BTW not sure if trey is male or female but used M anyway.
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