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Jul 4, 2005
My father is suffering from MND. He discovered this in august 2004 . It was just in his right arm but now the disease has progressed and he is having difficulty in speaking and swallowing. He is also gets pain in his arm sometimes. Now a days he easily get angry on small things. Can somebody please help me and tell me what to do in this regard? I cannot see him in pain.........

Hi Uroosa:

If your dad has been diagnosed with MND (ALS on this side of the water) then he has already seen a few neurologists. It may be time for him to get involved with a clinic that specializes in this illness. There he can get help regarding all aspects of what he is going through. Here in the colonies (Canada) we have dedicated ALS clinics that consit of neurologists, respirologists, occupational therpists and speech therapists who assist sufferers with ALS and help them (and their caregivers) to try and cope with the sickness as it progresses. I would guess that the best place to start is to talk to the neurologist office where he was diagnosed.
Good luck

My dad also has difficulty with speaking and sometimes with swallowing. The only advice I can give you is try to love and treat him as you did before the diagnosis. I think what has been really hard for my dad is that when he was told he might have ALS, all the family and many people in our town acted like he was already dead. We were getting sympathy cards in the mail, and every corner I would turn, people would be telling me how sorry they were to hear about my dad. I would tell him that he is doing good and is a fighter, and just asked everyone to continue to pray for him. I try to talk to my dad like I did before his speach became so horrible. Sometimes it is hard to understand what he is saying, but we manage to get the main idea of what he is trying to say. We make lots of jokes and try to keep his spirits up. He goes through phases where he seems down in the dumps though. It is tough to see your father to go through this, I know first hand. Also know that it is o.k. for your dad to go through many emotions. Some might be anger, others depression, or happiness. I think it comes with the territory.

Dear TBear,

Thanks a lot for ur reply. I'm outside of canda right now but soon i'll be back and i'll for sure take my father to the neurologist. I hope he gets better..... if u know can u suggest what exercise he can do to relieve pain from his hand,.....?
thanks for the reply

dear dana,

Thanks a lot for ur reply. I know this situation is really bad. And i guess we both are going through the same phase. I can understand ur feelings too. I hope my dad gets better a little as he is in gr8 pain....
can u tell me what medication is ur father on ? and what kind of treatment he is going though..... This would be very helful to me
Hi Uroosa,
My dad is currently receiving treatments for Lymes Disease. He was diagnosed with early symptoms of ALS, but also tested positive for Lymes. He is taking Rocephin, which is an atibiotic for Lymes. He will probably take this for one year. He is also taking some other pills. I will have to find out what those are for you. I know that when he got the ALS diagnosis, the doctors had him taking vitamin supplements. His progression has been slow, and we think that the Rocephin is helping, but only time will tell. I don't know if this helps you at all, but feel free to ask me any questions. This forum has helped my out on many occassions, and I would love to return the favor. Good luck and God bless.
Hi Uroosa,

First with anger-I was the same way at first. It's a combination of frustration of not being able to do what you once could, and disappointment of your body failing you. I TOTALLY agree with Dana when she said to treat him as before. I haven't experienced anything more demoralizing than being treated like a "sicky". I'm not saying that this is your case, I'm speaking from my experience.

As to the pain-is it cramps or something different? You may want to get him checked out by your GP for as muscle atrophies, the chances of straining a ligament can increase.
If it is muscle cramps, I've had luck with calcium supplements. They tend to settle cramps down. Also tonic water is good. This has quinine in it which is actually an anti malaria treatment. (Good with gin too!)

Good luck to you!


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