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Sep 27, 2007
Learn about ALS
Hi All,
Okay to make a long story short, I have posted my experiences before so I'll try to be quick. I started noticing twitching about 1 month ago. Had a normal EMG about 1 1/2 weeks after twitching started, still not convinced I'm fine. Recently I've been feeling like my left arm is weak.
The crazy thing all of this started after I saw a movie about ALS and started researching muscle twitching. How could my mind do such a thing, and how likely would it be that it is ALS? I am a 28 year old female, otherwise healthy, except for major health anxiety and hypochondria:(
I just want to add that after researching this disease, I think it's absolutely ludicrous that there is no treatment/cure for it in this day and age. I feel for everyone that has to endure it...I wish I could personally find a cure!
You dont sound crazy

iam the exact same way!ask any of the members on here oh when i first got on here i was a real nutcase..granpa al had to put me in major check and i am glad he did! i worry about als all the time iam also pregnant which makes it even harder! ive had 4 emgs and stil am scared..with an als specialist today actually...he told me no als but will see you in 3 u no its like a wait and see game..i feel a little better today after seeing him..but you never no what can happen in the future i no there has been a lot of mis diag people on here and if you read there stories you wont get any help from that i didnt...i want to say try to relax as best as you can but who am i i never relax!lol

Plus from experience please dont read symptoms about als you will have all of them...i wish i could make you feel better cause i no what you are going through>>Annmarie always makes me feel so good, and maybe thats what you need someone you can pm to and i can try and help you pm me anytime....i think you will be just fine!I no it is very scary just hang in there..thanks jenny
The simplest answer to that is the mind controls the body. Rent a scary movie and watch it in your living room. You're in your house, you know its your house and you're watching your TV but when big scary guys with a chainsaw wearing a hockey mask with kitchen knives for fingernails jumps out what happens? Your pulse quickens, adrenaline is injected into your system, your breath becomes rapid. Basically your body has gone to fight or flight mode while you're sitting in your living room all at the request of your brain. For another example look at people like David Blaine who locks himself in a tomb of ice for 7 days. Again it's mind over matter. Just as you can force yourself to a calm state you can just a quickly "think yourself sick" or worsen an existing condition. Do a quick search on the "nocebo effect".
Thank you both for your responses! I know it's crazy.
While I do understand how a person can make themselves "feel" as though they have a headache, chest pain, weakness, etc., I do not understand how you can make yourself have multiple muscle twitches? It's a mystery:confused:

I've Been There Done That And Still Doing It, With No Answers. And As Usual I Say That My Brother Timothy Had The Twitches And Cramps For Seven Years Before Dx. Of Als. For The New People. But Everybody Is Different.

Who Knows Anymore. I Just Try To Ignore The Cramps And Twitches. Except When The Cramps Are Severe. In The Last Few Days I Have Another Re-occurring Symptom. Its Not Unusual For My Fingers And Toes To Jumps Up And Down When They Want To. But Now My Feet And Arms Are Jerking,Trembling On And Off.

I Am Not Going To Let It Drive Me Crazy. As Long As I Can Do For My Husband, Daughter And Tim. I Don't Care!

Hi Lorie- you and I cope the same way! Yesterday my daughter noticed a "dent" in my leg where a muscle once lived and asked about it. I brushed it off as "Old age" but did a quick neuro exam on myself after she left. I have lost the ability to walk on my heals. *sigh*

I once joked that I was going to have a good-bye party for every skill or muscle I lost. Now I think I will still have a small party, like cake and ice cream, but to celebrate what I can still do. :)

hang in there, my friend. Cindy

Cindy, You know I Love You!

We all are in a unique situation together. Either we have symptoms that are un-explained-no diagnosed (no body knows what the ____ is going on). We have people (wonderful ones, I might add) with the diagnosed, people(extraordinary) taking care of the ones diagnosed and un-diagnosed. What a Group! It's like I was telling a Young Lady today (she knows who she is). She is not diagnosed. Do not dwell on it everyday. If you are not crazy, you will drive yourself there. In a bad way.
I am not going to live everyday worrying about it. When something drastically changes, then I will pick up where I left off with the Doc's. I still manage to get up and go no matter how I feel. I am greatful to have my Husband, Daughter and to help Tim and my ALS work. I can't ask for anymore. Everyday from Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is a Blessing!

Cindy: At our age I think we have earned some Dents! LOL
It's just the un-natural ones that are not making sense!

Cindy, Plan a trip to the Gulf Coast and We will Celebrate together! What a Party!

All of you Guys and Gals are wonderful!

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