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Apr 25, 2007
Dear All,
Maybe you can help me or direct me elsewhere. I have the following symptoms:

1.) Deep Muscle Twitching All over. (neck, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, calves, thighs, eyelids, etc.)

2.) Atrophy in Biceps/Triceps

3.) Terrible Eye Floaters

4.) Both Shoulders clicking....

I have been examined by a Neurologist on March 5 and had an EMG/NCS on the right side of my body which was negative except for increase inserational activity in my gastroc muscle(1 of 8 muscles tested). The neurologist said this in itself is non diagnostic. I feel terrible. I have thought from Day 1 of the twitching that it is ALS. Im so young and scared. Could this be anything but ALS? Please advise or ask questions.


Twitching has been going on since November....

I'm really sorry for how you are feeling, but please don't get yourself upset and thinking you have als yet. I have had muscle twitching and weakness for 16 months and I do not have als that I know of. I understand the atrophy is concerning, but there are still so many things that the symptoms could be related to. Did the neuro talk to you and agree that you have atrophy? I haven't read posts of PALS (people with als) discussing eye floaters, and I have had those with my symptoms as well. You could be suffering one of hundreds of disorders, i.e. autoimmune, lyme, MS, lupus.....the list goes on. So hang in there and hopefully the docs will keep testing you and find out what is going on. I am sure you will get feedback from some educated people on this forum. Good luck. Leslie

How were your reflexes? What about the babinski sign?

There are several things that cause atrophy and twitches and research, although, good, can make things alot worse.

How old are you?

See if you can give us more details from your Neuro report.

We will help as much as we can. Were here to support you, your in the right place, feel free to ask any questions you need to. We've all been where you are.... and about 50% of us are undiag, but some problems like you, so we are more than glad to help.

Good Luck,

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