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Aug 2, 2008
Bare with me in my folly for a moment, if you will. Please allow yourselves to take your mind off of ALS for the moment and bring yourselves into my world; the world of PNS.

DISCLAIMER: The following is meant for entertainment purposes only and none of what you are about to read can be backed up by any sane medical professional!

I promise to post this only once, Al.

Reminder to all: This thread is being posted under the forum entitled: Do I have ALS? Is this ALS? The answer is probably, "No, it is not!" (so the odds go anyway) In fact, you may have PNS. If you feel or are afraid you may have PNS, please read on.

You've already heard of ALS, PLS, SMA, MS, MMN, CIDP, LUPUS and MG. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you PNS, a much preferred alternative to anx on.

A few of us on this forum have decided that thinking about, dwelling on and self-diagnosis of ALS has proven in the past to be not all that palletable. In fact, it has brought many of us to high anxiety.

Through all of our research, we have found room for a new category to go along with or compliment ALS and all of the other neuro-degenerative diseases/disorders and syndromes: PNS.

The greatest feature of PNS is that any and all symptoms may represent or mimmick it. It is non-life threatening and most easily treated when ignored. Oh, you say, it won't fit my case! Well, just try and see. Here are some of the more common symptoms associated with PNS:

- Twitching (the more sophisticated folk refer to this as "fasciculations)

- Atrophy (especially but not limitted to: tongues, legs, arms, fingers, etc

- Pins and needles sensations, burning sensations or any other sensations

- Fainting or dizziness or the thought you may have become dizzy

- Excessive yawning, yawning or the attempt to yawn with the inability to do so

- Weakness (especially in but not limitted to: tongue, jaw, arms, legs, fingers, toes, etc

- Breathing easily, not so easily or not at all (don't try it for very long)

- Hysteria (this is one of the biggies! - dead give-away you've got it!)

- The need to continually google symptoms for stuff like PNS

How is PNS diagnosed?

- Very simply by choice through self-diagnosis. If you want it, you can have it!

What kind of medication/treatment is there for PNS?

- You may take two asprin, tylenol or *mydol (*ladies only, please)

- Any other treatment is not allowed until officially diagnosed by a licensed, practicing physician.

What does PNS stand for?

(hint: it is a "syndrome" so, who can guess what the P and N stand for? Cindy?)

Zaphoon (all in fun)
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periphal neuropthy?
Loved the post Kim aka Zaphoon. I think PNS stands for peripheral neurotic syndrome, or perhaps pseudo neuron syndrome, or perhaps poly neurotic syndrome <g>.
Zaphoon, lol you are a hoot, lol
I would say pinched nerve lol
Pinched Nerve Syndrome....
Oh, you guys are good! Congratulations to L4dybugg who guessed correctly!

Congratulations on your winning guess!

Your suggestions would work as well and should be considered by the PNS'ers that are already onboard.


I should have known by your humor that it was not serious! My guess was a real syndrome, duh.
Your guess was just as good as the others, April. Thanks for joining in on the fun!
That made me smile right away! Glad I read that post first! Yes, PNS is definitely the reason we are feeling this way :)
Maybe this should have been posted on the Stories of Hope Forum. Although it was well thought out and in jest it smacks of realism.

that was great!

Now to add to the fun of initials on here............................

May I just add that I also, in addition to PNS, have the condition known as PMA.:lol::mrgreen::roll::lol:

And that would be none other than POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

You are such a wonderful women. I love strong women, any women that can be a positive force!
As one of the Star Wars gang once said: May the force be with you!

at this point, star wars is my life. MY 2 boys live and breath star wars. I know waaaaaay to much about star wars. It scares my girlfriends....that dont have boys.
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