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Apr 3, 2008
I don't post things much but I have been mentally drained for the last month and it is effecting my family and my pregnate wife with our third child. I am just trying to get some input or maybey peace of mind. About a two months ago I was waking up at night with numb hands, well I started to flip out to say the least! Just searching the internet for hours and hours completely neglecting my kids and family. Well after weeks of brutal anxiety I started to twitch all over arms, legs , butt, head, really any and everywhere there is muscle. No pattern or specific area. Thats been going on for a while with no weakness or fatigue. Now my muscles hurt on and off in certain areas but its not like a cramp just a stiff pain. It mostly is worse after execise or my usuall extreme stress! I have an EMG monday and I am sick to my stomach worried about it! Do I sound like I have just read into things to much or sould I be worried! It seems like a new symptom comes up everyday and I can't take not knowing anymore. I am 28 years old and like I said the father of 2 soon to be three. I mean does it happen eveywhere like that or in certain parts of your body and is the muscle aching in hip and arms and legs a part of it. I also don't really have any loss of balance or anything like that. The twiching has benn going on for about a month now and I can still lift weights and do my job which is pinstripping cars which takes very percise movements. I know I sound just like everyone else on here and I really need to get a hold of myself. I coach my daughters softball team and can't really consentrate on that either. So excuse my poor wordings and puncuation but like I said I don't do this. Saying all that thanks for reading and any info would be great!
Hello Hokie

Numb hands is not indicative of ALS, especially as an initial symptom. It also seems pretty coincidental to me, that as soon as you got on the internet and found that ALS presents with twitching, you started to twitch.
My opinion: your numb hands might have something to do with your profession. You pinstripe cars. Seems that would be pretty rough on your hands and the nerves in your wrist, which could explain the numbness. Furthermore, twitching is caused by anxiety . . . so try to relax. It doesn't sound like ALS at all to me.
Me either. You need to relax. Do you have any idea of the numbers of people that come here every year that have convinced themselves they have ALS from diagnosing themselves on the internet? Lots. Maybe 5% end up with anything lasting. See a doctor about your hands, could be carpal tunnel. The other might just be in your head.

We are not here to make a DX for you. Just go to your Doc. get your EMG. Let us know what the results are. Hopefully everything will be ok.


The EMG should tell volumes. Please keep us posted on the results.
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