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Jul 14, 2007
First of all, my condolences to the families of our Pals that have passed. Here lately, there's been quite a few of them. Bless their hearts, may they rest in peace!

Now, this is my question? What happens to all the comments posted by our late Pals? I feel kinda stupid asking such question. How do we look up all their previous posts? Thanks, and God bless.:?


If you know their screen name you can look up via member search and click on their posts. Don't know if that helps you.
CJ, I feel like a total jerk! LOL I noticed the member list after I sent off my post. Thanks for replying. God bless!

Don't feel bad, Irma. This forum has so many features that it took me a long time to discover them all, and I am fairly computer literate. I happens when you start meeting so many nice folks right away. I guess I got caught up in what people were posting and didn't notice the rest of the features. David did a great job setting up this forum!:) Cindy
Thanks for your reply, Cindy. I have been telling all my friends and relatives about this forum. I have had people ask me, "How are you doing since the passing of your son? Are you attending any Support Groups through Hospice or MDA?" When I tell them about our ALS Forum and all the wonderful members, they just stand there in total awe, asking me all kinds of questions, such as how I came across this, how we do it, and such. All I can say is God bless this forum, and our moderators. This forum is a big part of my "now life."

Thanks for the feedback, Irma. We often hear, in record time, when we miss the boat or do something wrong. But we know we must be doing something right because more and more people keep joining. thanks for your kind words. Cindy
Thanks for the great forum. i belong to a couple of others but find myself spending more and more of my time here. This site is great.
You are welcome, Cheryl. What I like best about this forum is that people are really supportive and seldom snipe at each other. Everybody is respectful of each other, and sometimes in the nameless and faceless format of the internet, this is not always easy to do.
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