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Jul 5, 2020
Im 20 years old and im italian.
10 months ago i have a diagnosis of "mild sign of polirapolyradiculoneuritis" with an rmn of the
back.Lumbar puncture show a mild increase of proteine.NCV always negative(Why?)
Now i have a constant sensation on buzzing/internal pinches in the right hand(i read that a symptom of Als)and legs with fluttuant and migrant weakness after igv.Now i have a permanent sensation of fatigue in the right calf.
Is normal?I'm very afraid for als since that November of that year(2019)
Who have this simptoms?Buzzing in hand and twitch?(i read that are symptoms of ALS and my neuro told me buzzing sensations that can be fibrillations😭, but no in my case)
I was treated with immune globuline and the infiammation in the back is gone.
I was told that the symptoms i have now are aftermath of this disease.
I have this polirapolyradiculoneuritis after two weeks of strong diarrhea with traces of blood.
The doctors of CRESLA(expert of motor neuron disease in Piedmont) they told me ALS is impossibile with my clinical story and is impossible to have simultaneously with what i had.
Because i start in left leg with a strage sensation of weakness after a strong diarrhea mixed with constipation and blood in the poops(at this time i was afraid for a colon cancer) lasted two weeks with sporadic stomach cramps and a back pain lasted three days 35 hours before the first symptom of weakness.The after morning the left arm and a few days after right leg,but with no paralysis fortunately.
Only fatigue,sensation of asthenia.
After two weeks,i go to the hospital for a recover.
And i can walk.But with asthenia.
A migranti asthenia in limbs.
My official diagnosis are so many worlds,autoimmune/infiammatory radiculitis disimmune diseases,suspect or mild initial GBS,mild polyradiculoneuritis and very mild acute viral polyradiculopathy inflammatory with an acute sign of mild inflammation/enhancement in the sacral lumbar roots(cauda equina and S1)with mild protein increment(62).They made me do immunoglobuline cycle for three days.
Different words from different neuro.
Is a very difficult disease to formalize.
Why is so difficult to frame?
How sound for you?
I am very terrified for ALS for the twitch, buzzing sensation and little internal unpaiful zaps in the hands
But doctors negated me ALS and he put me in circle of post viral autoimmune disease, mild or initial GBS diseas or disimmune disease(very mild polineuropathy/Polyneuritis)
Im heading over to a psychiatrist and i assume zoloft,Risperdal and xanax,but with no results to my costant dubdt and anxiety for ALS disease eating my brain.
Im exhausted at 21 years down the drain.
What do you think of this story?
Last neuro i have visit told to me that the symptoms constantly i have residuals of my autoimmune problem.
Last needle emg in the left arm show:modest increment of polyphasics and amplitude and reduced recruitment:
Mild/moderate neurogenic chronic sufferance whit negative MRI.
Ipotesis of my neuro is an emg/results of my problem of last year.
My mind is collapsing day after day for the dubt of the ALS...
Especially for the persistent sensation of weakness in right calf and the buzzing sensation.And the clinical visit are always normal.
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Mar 16, 2015
Hi there-

It sounds like you are currently under the care of several health professionals and have been diagnosed and treated appropriately for your symptoms and condition. It also sounds like you are being treated for your anxiety, but may need to speak further with your provider about your overwhelming worries about your condition. If you have questions about your complex collection of symptoms, it would be more worthwhile to communicate with your own doctors, as ALS has been ruled out.

It is inappropriate to declare that your life is over to a forum dedicated to those who are diagnosed with ALS and their caregivers and who are confronting a terminal disease. Particularly as you already been given answers by your medical providers and been told you do not have ALS. While the people here are sympathetic, such dramatic declarations are distressing. Please continue to seek care from your own doctors and mental health support as you work through your symptoms and the stress of dealing with poor health. Thankfully this forum is not the place for you, and it is very clear you are already receiving expert and appropriate care for the severe condition your are suffering from.

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