I go tomorrow

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May 30, 2007
I go to Emory tomorrow to see what is going on. Wish me luck! I am scared that it could be really bad news . . . but hopeful that it could be really good.
I will keep you in my prayers and let's hope for the best!
Good luck! Hope they can get to the bottom of what's causing your problem. And hope it's not ALS.

Everyone there at Emory is very nice and very accessible even after you leave the clinic if you have further questions or concerns.

Let us know how it goes.


good luck,

try to stay calm and write your symptoms and questions down.


Hope it's a good day pldo.
Best of luck, pldo. I hope you get wonderful news! Cindy


What did the doc's say?
First of all I want to thank all of you for your well wishes! The dr. said he is 100% sure it is not Als but that he is almost sure it is a pinched nerve or herniated disk- scheduled me for mri and some electric test!

I also want to wish Al a happy happy birthday- tried to post on that thread but kept freezing my computer.

Hope that I can still post and see how everone is doing.

that 's really wonderful! Hope they can determine what is troubling you and fix it quickly.

Did you see Dr. Glass? They have a great team at Emory.

car donation

I did see him! They were so nice there. My husband is going to bring home some champagne tonight and I am going to make a nice steak dinner.

I really really want to thank all of you! I also want to say that you and your families will be in my prayers. I wish that there was more funding for things like stem cell research. I am upset that Bush vetoed that bill- sorry to get political :)

BTW- my husband and I have 2 old cars we would lke to donate does anyone know how to do that to an als charity?

Call your local ALS assn. You should be able to find them on line under ALSA.org, then go to your state's site. CAll them.

YOu will get a good tax deduction and help ALS at the same time. Make sure you use KBB, not NADA for the value. KBB is better for value. Print the KBB retail values for your records, as the IRS likes to check that in the event of an audit.

PS...I'm a CPA....so what you just heard was the tax man in me...lol....

take care and kiss your hubby one extra time.....thank him for being there....it's amazing how this all makes you realize how fragile life is and how much you love your spouse.


Great news pldo. Drop in any time to let us know how you are doing.

Glad to hear the good news for you and your family. I'm sure God was watching over you.
It is true that without faith and love- life would be empty. Faith has always carried me through. Love has always made it better.

Thank you for the info on donating.

ALS is a horrible disease. My father died of a brain tumor and later we found out that they were doing experimental treatments on that kind of tumor but the FDA would not approve the drugs. It is a backwards system we are living in if we cannot help the living. Don't even get me started on the insurance comapnies. . . my father went blind in one eye due to one of the surgeries and he had to have another surgery to correct it- and the insurance company would not pay for it at first because it was labeled cosmetic.

You are all wonderful people! You are unselfish and caring.
This disease....MND, not just ALS, makes us all come to "reality". I never knew i would be one of "Jerry's Kids". I'm glad we donated every year.

Annmarie. I'm ashamed Bush shot the stem cell bill down. I'm a republican...i guess......and ashamed to admit it now. I usu. dont' talk politics, but i will bring this up. Yes, i voted for the sucker, really, because in my mind there was no better option, as we were at war and needed to get it over with. I wasn't concerned about our budget crisis...which there is, i wasn't concerned about stem cells, at the time.....really...i didn't need them. What i'm saying, i guess if Bush's daughter had ALS instead of alchololism, he would then, approve the bill.

I will vote whatever way for the next president supports research. I was always a strong suppporter of stem cell research, i believe in science. We allow abortion, but not research into .....well....cells that are not really "formed" yet. I'm not saying they are not a "human" at that point..just saying.

It makes me mad to hear the statement that Bush made......his words on stem cell were, directly from CNN..." Why should we kill one life "embryo" to save another"........ excuse me if i'm wrong, but havent' we put 3,000 of our soldiers to rest to save the lives of millions of americans freedom and their lives?

I guess enough of us don't die each year from ALS to justify it in their minds or their pocketbooks....i would vote on the latter. one day, he will be sorry he didn't support stem cell earlier. His wife, him, his daughters or someone close will end up with something bad...i'm not hoping this on anyone, it's just the odds....cancer, neuro, ms, als, something.

Ok, yall take care, i've rambled off enough now..


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