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Feb 25, 2006
I Found The Soap Opera Its The Young And The Restless And It Is Kate Linders Brother In Law That Has Als. See I Knew I Wasn`t Loosing It Yet:-d

i don`t know

Kate linder hs a walk for als thing going on shes raising money big time i read that she raised 9 milion dollars last year and is tring to get more this year. i was wondering all this money people raise for als why is their not even a decent treatment for this disease! and were does all this money go? i seen were project als raised 22 million and is joined up with some big research team weres the treatmet it doesn`t even have to be a cure just a treatment to slow it down would be great. i am sorry i was venting bad day:cry:

Kim it is okay to vent, some days I ask the same questions you just did. I know the als society has been really kind to speak to but when we have asked for help for things they were not able to help, I know they only have so much to work with and this makes it hard for those who suffer. So far we have had to put out the money for different things, it would be great to have some help with the equipment because it can get very expensive. This illness has been around a long time and I have wondered also god you would think they would know more by now. We have to hold on to hope. I understand how you feel. Have you read the book, Tales From The Bed, one sister had the illness and there was three sisters, they worked together and raised alot of money to help people with als and the researchers. In the book she asks the same question, why have we not found a cure?

Speaking of books, have you read "Rowing Without Oars"? I'm almost done with it and it is fabulous! The author is a former news anchor in Sweden.

jenifer estess

i never read the book but they started project als there the ones i was complaining about they raised 20mil and still nothing. there sister died in 2003 she was young when she died

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Hi there, You said you have some info for me ? What is it ? Hope to hear back soon. Thank you, Beebe
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