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Jun 1, 2006
For the benefit of those who have never had to use a wheelchair or have a friend or relative who now has a wheelchair.

I have a electric wheelchair, 3 months old, that I bent the foot rest because I did not know you were not suppose to put your weight on the thing. (Why don't wheelchair companies tell you these things?) I thought since my chair was rated for 400 lbs and I weight 250 lbs that it was meant to hold me. It didn't. The foot REST, I now know why they call it that, bent so far to the ground that it dragged on my front wheels to the point I had to remove it.

When I called my wheelchair company to ask for a repair under warranty, you can guess what they said, after laughing, that's a foot rest, not a step.

Well just in case someone else out there is mentally challenged like me, I thought I'd better mention this little piece of information.

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Thanks for the bit of advice MT,Big Al, Captain Al. Boy if I didn't know you better I'd think you were trying to confuse us with all the name changes. You're changing names more than I change underwear. Now that I need help to do that. LOL.
Now that the Als have checked in. I will have to add my own experience. I was told by the mobility expert at the ALS clinic that I needed to recline my seat every 15 mins to prevent pressure sores. I told him that was ridiculous. I have taken to reclining every 1-11/2 yrs. to reposition my buttocks. This morning I reclined and heard a loud pop. The support post on my seatback snapped. Scared me and the wife. I told hold her it was supposed to hold 300lbs. I am also around 220lbs. Reading the literature on the seatback it is defined to support 250lbs. I recall something from before that the reclining features were suited for 180lbs. Seems to me that I agree with Big AL the sticker on my chair says 300lb limit. It support 300lbs.

Big captain Al

You didnt get hurt when it bent did you? My first thought was,,i hope it didnt make him lose his balance. Also,,did you get it fixed or do you have to now let your feet dangle? If you are leaving your feet dangle just make sure your not cutting of you circulation.

Feets a dangling in the wind

They ordered me some new parts and said there would be no charge since I was such a dumb#$%. No they were very understanding and my doctor had ordered the electric position changing foot rests anyway to help prevent cramps while sitting in reclining position for long time later on.

Hey Rich had similar experience first time reclined my chair, there was a loud bang like something had broken, scared me that I was falling backward. Turned out they had routerd the power cord through a plastic cover and it popped it off. Sounded a lot worse than it was.

God Bless ALL
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