I Believe Love Is Stronger Than Any Illness.

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Oct 1, 2005
As the last few months have gone by I have gone through so many emotions, I am sure everyone here has. There is one thing that I believe that can make any illness seem much easier to live with and that is knowing one is truly loved and cared for. There is not one human being on the face of this earth that does not want to be loved. It is precious. Life is precious. To be treated with kindness by our fellow man is all any of us every truly want in life, at least this is what I believe. Materials things cannot comfort us when we are sad, they cannot wipe away the tears when we are afraid, they cannot make us laugh when we really need to laugh. Human beings need each other. On the days when we feel we cannot walk alone we come here and we ask please can someone help me walk this walk today? When we feel like the tears will never stop flowing we will come here and ask please can someone help me today dry up these tears, and the most wonderful thing about this it happens here. This site is what life is all about. When one is down another will help lift them up. Caring for others can help someone be well, it may not cure the illness but it makes life so wonderful knowing that along the way through the ups and downs this site will hold us all up. If you take care of a wilted flower you can make it bloom again with love, a lonely heart can feel alive again if you give it love. Thank you all of you for putting such a wonderful site together where we can all be stronger because we all truy care.

Beautiful sentiments Sandy. Your husband is a lucky man.
If there is another dimension for better people!
You are ready for this dimension!
Geia hara
Thank you that was a very kind thing to say.

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