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Feb 20, 2008
Loved one DX
Borrego Springs
We got out Dx on Monday. I Honestly wasn't expecting a diagnosed so fast. So many people seem to be in limbo for so long on this website. He has significant atrophy and weakness in his left leg, fasiculations in legs, arms, chest, back, belly. Showing weakness in right leg, weight loss and fatigue.

Is there any chance the Dr. was just too hasty? He did rule out autoimmune with bloodtests both ANA and the Athena Bloodwork, did MRI of lower lumbar area, and of course endless EMG/NCS tests, but nothing else. Is there more to test for?

This has been so hard telling his family, my family, friends etc. Everytime you tell the story you basically have to re-live the reality of what is going to happen. I just want this part to be over with so we can just go about the business of living. Im am so emotionally tattered. We spot each other on who gets to be the one crying. When he is in need, I manage to find strength to comfort from some hidden sourse I never knew I had, and when I can't bear it any longer he comes to my rescue with all the strength he can muster. We are such an incredible couple.

This is so hard.

I am sorry to hear it, Julie. Most folks say it is hard at first but eventually they feel a little better emotionally. Hope this happens soon for both of you!
Thanks Cindy, it is getting easier. We went throught shock, then when you have to go about telling everybody the story it builds like a callous around your heart and it gets amazingly easy. I fear I may be slipping a bit into self pity though. I've begun to wonder how we will get by. How will I make a living for us and take care of him. I imagine this is fairly common as well. I know somehow we will get by.
Well I hope you will not have to do it all alone. As Paula said on another thread, ALS is bigger than everyone in the family, so people will have to pitch in, especailly when you need to work. And the state of California will most likely have services for him...
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