Humming sensation

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Jan 12, 2007
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I often feel a "humming" sensation in my arms and legs. It feels as if a transformer is working there, deep inside. Do many of the folks here feel the same ?
Yes I used to get that in the morning when I woke up and in my foot about 4 years ago Its all gone now.Pat
I know exactly what you mean. To me it feels like a buzzing going on in the muscles and the nearest thing I can relate it to is a TENS machine as used for pain relief in muscle spasm.It comes and goes in a wide variety of muscles. Quite weird , but quite distinct from muscle twitching.
Yes Jean Thats Exactly Like A Tens Unit Pat
Thanks Pat. It's good to know that you understand my attempt to describe it and I'm sure that is what ptich is feeling as well.
Hi Jean- I told my Doc that it feels as if I am standing on a bridge holding onto the railing when the train goes by down below. Your description is much better. I used to only feel it in my hands but now it happens in my legs quite a bit. I am sort of used to my body having a mind of its own! :-D Cindy
I also have that horrible sensation. It disappears for awhile, but then comes back. I usually awake with it and movement keeps me from noticing it, but now that I am on Prednisone I feel it all the time. I hate it!

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Good to share such weird sensations. At least it means it isn't a figment of our imaginations! I have become so used to it , I would almost wonder what was happening if it stopped. The only thing that varies is which bit of me it affects each time, but other than that, it occurs many times each day.I don't find it unpleasant, just strange.
This symptom is not normally part of the criteria for ALS. So what is the basis of the symptom?
No idea. I wonder if it's a bit like fasciculations with random firing of undamaged axons,but a bit more co-ordinated so you feel it. It only happens in one muscle at a time,but is quite different to the visible twitches which also occur randomly.
I think you are right, Jean. I think it is soft fasciculations deep in the muscle. Cindy
When I mentioned it to my neuro she said I couldn't be feeling it because the fibrillations, as she referred to them, would have been seen on EMG. I guess I made it up then?!
I don't think this "humming" is like hidden fasciculations, because it is happenning at high frequency. The feeling is really like a transformer is humming.
I bet we are all describing the same sensation. Leslie-don't pay any attention to that doctor. She does not live in your body! Cindy
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