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Feb 17, 2008
Last May when my husband and I attended National Advocacy Days in Washington DC, we were extremely disappointed by the lack of media coverage of this event (coverage was non-existant). Being the "go getter" that he is, plans were started to make the trip to Washington DC this year a memorable one by making it HUGE!

The awareness event is the Rolling Over ALS Tour. On April 19th 2008, at the conclusion of the Orlando, FL Walk to Defeat ALS, the Rolling Over ALS Tour will officially take the road... literally! We will be traveling from Orlando, FL to Washington DC for the National Advocacy Days via wheelchair. Yes, that is correct WHEELCHAIR. The event will last 20 days and will be going through Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Virginia. My husband will drive the almost 1000 miles all with the purpose of raising awareness for ALS. He is inviting all PALS to bring their wheelchair and join him during any part of the Tour they want. We will be collecting letters in the towns we travel through to hand deliver them to Congress. The conclusion of the Tour will feature a wreath placing ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery and a Rolling In event that will "Roll" through the streets of DC, past the White House and on to the host hotel to kick off Advocacy Days.

As part of the awareness event, we have partnered with a printing company to develop personalized ribbon magnets that we want to cover the truck and trailer with to represent the many faces of ALS. Imagine the statement that will make driving down the road at 5 miles per hour with thousands of magnets visible.

This is not a fundraising event for any ALS group, however we realize that we need some financial assistance for the Tour, and all monies remaining at the end of the Tour will fund a grant for ALS research. We have already obtained corporate sponsorships from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and several hotels along the route. We are actively persuing a wheelchair company and several trailer companies to assist with our needs. Permits have already been received from police agencies along the route to make sure we aren't violating any laws.

To learn more about the Tour go to <rolloverals dot org>. We hope to see you on the Tour.

Wow, Glenda. THis should do the trick! Keep us informed on how it goes!
Sounds like a cool idea to me.
I hope to meet you there. I'll get in sometime Sunday. Keep up the great work :)
That sounds so wonderful to me! Keep up the wonderful work and I am going to jump and check out the website right now.


Good luck to you! there is strength in numbers! I HOPE you pick up a lot more PALS as you embark on this trip... can you have "advocacy fliers" to hand out as you go - explaining the tragedy of ALS and the need for research...... ALSA could probably set you up with a nice point sheet--- good luck - I soooo wish I could join you!
What a trip

Thanks for representing us that can't travel! Keep fighting.
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