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Hey Beaner!

I did the Dance of Joy for you guys. Sounds great. Best Wishes and prayers to you. Sincerely, Peg
All of these stories confirm for me that when a weak or frail patient is hospitalized they need family and friends to take turns being nearby. some patients need an advocate to watch out for them. Used to be the staff looked after patients but with the high patient ratios some medical facilities have these days I guess some folks can get lost falling "between the cracks."
Hi beaner! Praise the Lord, things are brighter today! So happy to hear such good news. Prayers and blessings your way!


Ask if they will give him Morphine? I know that is one ot the drugs thay give them to rest in the end. I will make sure thay have Tim in the most comfort theat he can be in, I am his Power of Attorney Medical Power of Attoreny. They wouldn't want to mess with me.
And I have a wonderful Lawyer that would back me up!

This is a good thing! Getting the ball rolling and you'll find a team it there to help.
Look after your self. It is most important.
You definitely need to get his primary als phys. involved. the hospitals do not have a clue on how to treat als patients. my father was in the hospital for 4 days (one month prior to diagnosis) and even the hospital neurologist did not have a clue what to do - although they may say that they have someone who has dealt with als patients before, that could mean one or two - you need to have his specialist in charge of his care asap
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