How to use the forum features.

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Oct 13, 2004
Got a PM today on "How do I use the forum and certain features?"
I figured there were others in the same "How do I do this?" sea of internet confusion. :shock:
So here's the basics...
You'll notice at the bottom of everyone's post(email) on the forum, just below their signature, there are a few buttons (some people have more buttons than others).

Profile - PM - Email - WWW - "YM" or "MSM"...etc.

Profile - will take you to that person's info page(where they're from...etc) You change your profile (while logged in) by clicking your "Profile" button at the top of the page.

PM - "Private Message" send that person a "For your eyes only" message.

Email - Send an email to that person's "Home" email account

WWW - Will take you that person's website (if they have one)

"YM" or "MSM" - these people have either Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger for online chatting

Hi Mike. Good idea. I posted yesterday on the stem cells thread telling the folks to click on the General Chatter heading to see what has been posted on the rest of the topics. Even your new topic would be lost if the people didn't know where to look. Maybe we should advertise your CDNPALS site again. Possibly some or most have missed it. Maybe see you for a chat late afternoon Sunday. I'll look. Al.
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