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Dec 29, 2007
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My dad was diagnosed with ALS 8/06. He is at the stage with very limited use of walker. He lays in bed or moves to lift chair. His activities consists of reading, puzzle work, or watching t.v. I think alot of his frustration and depression is he has nothing to do or feel useful to anyone. His hands are beginning to weaken but can still write or use a finger to use his communcation box. I was wondering if there are any lap or hand held game devices for people with physical disabilities to use. Not really game games, like Mario Brothers or Grand Theft Auto, but games like Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy. Am I making any sense?
Prayers to people with ALS and their families
Hi Rene-welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I know a few PALS (people living with ALS) on this site rely on meditation to help them cope. I don't know how to do it myself but just practicing it and trying to learn it is much more engaging than anything else I spend my time on.

As for the electronic games, I'd do a search on some of the accessibility equipment sites to see what is out there. good luck and let us know how it goes. Cindy
Hi Rene

My mum used a Nintendo Ds to play puzzle games such as sudoku, polariumn brain training. There are lots of games for the Ds that aren't "gaming games".

You could also use a laptop & buy or download puzzle games for that which may be easier to use.

Good luck!

life review idea

besides games which would be good, be creative with pictures - anyone who has a digital camera could load the pic.s on his computer and then alow him to crop and save improved shots which could give him the oppportunity to do some life review... even if you or another person could do the initial scanning of pictures he could do the cropping and saving. pretty eas to do with a mouse pad that reads his finger tip - like a laptop... this life review would be very healthy for you all.. cropping pictures is easier than learning a computer game..

Hi Rene, from Cape Town,...

taking care of friend, diagnosed 09/2005... no games for my friend here.. he decided, when he came to stay with me (he's from Amsterdam and left the cold winter behind him) to start a blog. Writing about the things he does each day on his apple note book, or even writing some memoires.. He started the blog about 2 months ago (a few days after he arrived here) , informed his former colleages and friends (who told THEIR friends who told their friends and so on) that he was out there in cyberspace as well (, sorry its in dutch, but loads of pictures) and has had over THREE THOUSAND hits already. Very very rewarding for him, and, he is not feeling isolated from the outside world at all anymore, people post comments, write him emails, and keep him busy replying to all those emails.. Might be a better option than doing games all the time, cause gaming keeps you in your (limited) circle is my personal opinion.

Since his typing is very slow, he sometimes spends over three hours putting his stories together, and he feels he is writing to all and sundry, does not have to talk (impaired when he does) and forgets he has ALS while on the laptop, since he hears his own voice in his head while writing the stories, and that is the voice he used to have..

It would be great if your dad could find the satisfaction my friends derives from his blogging, and I do hope this reply will help a bit...

take care, give love and try to look at the things he still CAN do, not empasize the things he cant do anymore..


Another good idea! Thanks for sharing, Rick, and welcome to the forum. Cindy
Lap Top

My neighboor is in the process of getting an old lap top running for my mother. I think it is a great idea for someone not able to get around. I hope it will help her escape even for a few moments.
Laptop Upgrades for Christmas

Something for everyone to consider if you bought a newer computer for Christmas, is to donate the old one to either: or donate it to for their loaner programs.

This way others can be helped to join us on line to become a part of our community.

God Bless
Capt AL
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