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Sep 6, 2008
Friend was DX
Hello! Thank you in advance for your help. A very good friend of mine is loosing mobility due to ALS, she was diagnosed almost one year ago. Her husband is seeking ways to help keep her from falling and if she does fall from hurting herself. Is there a list of smart things that can be done to help her from falling? Any suggestions would help. She uses a walker already and has handles in places like by the bed to help her get up. Please help our friends.

Thank you and God bless,
Ann, I am glad you are here seeking info to help your friend. When I use to fall a lot, it was due to several things. Wrong type of shoes, loose rugs in the way, things on the floor that needed to be picked up, and just my stubborn streak that said I do not need that walker, YET. Famous last words.
Attitude had a lot to do with me falling, probably 75% at least. Trying to do things I should not be doing. Understanding the limits of our bodies sometimes is hard to grasp. Now that I am in a wheel chair all the time I do not fall, but still get the wheel chair stuck in places I should not be trying to go.:-D
I hope this helps.
I am in a wheelchair most of the time but still use my walker in the house. I was very stubborn about using a walker and used a cane for a long time and had numerous falls. Luckily, I didn't hurt myself too bad. Even after I started using the walker I had several falls until I figured out to keep my head down and lean slightly forward when walking or standing. This keeps me from faling backwards which is what I always did. You can't look up or around when using a walker or it will throw your balance off. Luckily, it has been over a year since my last fall (knock on Wood). Tell her to keep the head down and look at the floor when using the walker.

Hope this helps,
Thank you Al. I have been reading this forum for several days now and I can not believe how many people are affected by this cruel disease. It is a reminder to not focus on this life but on our eternal life with Jesus where no disease will not exist! Thank you for your input and all of your effort into this site! I will pass this info onto my friend Linda. I hope that she logs on to this site..I think it may help if she doesn't pick up to much negativity from some of the forum. I love how you nip things that don't belong.
May God bless....Ann
Thank you as well Gordon! I will use your suggestions when I talk to her. thank yo and may bless and comfort you today! Ann
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