Hospital Bed Sheets

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Sep 12, 2006
I would like opinions on what type of sheets works best ? I'm using jersey sheets and they are not working out. As always THANKS for any help. Rhonda
Do they make satin sheets that fit a hospital bed's mattress? I heard it is much easier to turn somebody when they are on satin sheets...
Be careful with the satin sheets. My mother used to slip out of bed easily. I thought buying her the nicest sheets would be good - turned out not so good. To keep her from slipping I had to go for flannel sheets. Hard to know what to do. There are some good places to look for a variety of sheets - - at good prices.

I know I'm a guy but do know a bit about sheets but have never heard of jersey sheets. Is that the fabric or style.
Funny --- it is the fabric - like T-shirt material. Great sheets.

how are you doing with the lithium? I read a while back that you had started it helping? My husband
was diagnosed in nov o6, in w/c all the time movement in his feet and can stand with assist for brief time.
Are you seeing any inmprovements? I am afraid to put him on lithium at his stage. I have read that it can
speed up the process? any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Hi Rhonda. We use cotton in summer and fleece in winter. Lee buys deep pocket sheets and they fit over the alternating air pressure pad on the hospital bed. She just made some heavy cotton pads about 2 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet and put that slippery dress lining material under it so it's easier to turn me. The section under my butt is slippery but not bad enough that I'd go on the floor.
Hi nurburch. To be honest, I have progressed. I could still walk 4 weeks ago. Completely in the chair or bed now. Using the Hoyer lift for all transfers. I'm going to stay on it for a while longer but really wonder if that study was flawed. If I had it to do over again I think I'd have waited another 6 months to see how all the people taking it now made out.

I have done some home health over the years (OT) and have to say it is a matter of trial and error. Satin sheets MAY work well, you might first try some satin pajamas to
ease the mobility in bed. I had one client that was ble to remain home due to satin sheets, as he was become far too difficult for his caregiver to lift/move. I've even had people use both pjs and sheets made of slippery fabric, but Do be careful that it isn't like stepping onto a sheet of ice! IF you have a caregiver, you might consider using a drawsheet underneath ( like the soaker pads they use in hospitals) and then the caregiver moves the pad underneath instead of the whole PALS. Hope it
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