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Sep 8, 2014
Hi everyone! I'm Sarah, 17 years old.
I look after my beautiful mum who was diagnosed with ALS/mnd one year ago (though her symptoms started in 2011).
She has lost movement in her legs and arms.
I am basically the only one that cares for my mum.
I have been giving her l serine powder (8 grams twice a day)
And it's been two weeks and she has slight movement in we arms and legs. There is hope! We felt like giving up but this is just another step in the right direction!
There will be a cure, don't ever lose hope always have a positive outlook because miracles can happen.
I love my mum to death and I will never lose hope, together we can all beat this disease.. Over $100 million has been raised for ALS. The most ever, researchers knew what to do but didn't have the money for resources but now they do! There is a cure just a round the corner.
Please don't give up, don't let it beat you. Together through the love and support we share we will over come this.
Never lose hope. This L serine powder seems promising. And so does the zinc zipper supplements. :)
Love to you all xox
sorry you have found yourself here, but glad you found us.
you have a bright positive out look, always a very good thing!
Ditto that! I started L-serene a week ago and no improvement yet but we are all different.
Sarah, whatever happens with your mom, keep that beautiful, positive spirit. That would be the best gift you can give your mom! And it will see you through the myriad of challenges life will continue to throw your way. You are being the daughter every mother would be proud to call her own! Hugs to you. Donna
I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. But, even though you sound extremely mature and responsible it is not healthy for you to be the sole caretaker of your mother at such a young age. You need to have other family members or outside help pitch in. You need time just for you. To go to school, hang-out with friends, or even date. You are still developing into a adult yourself. Is there a support group you can join near you. You have a great attitude. But, it's going to sink quickly if you don't get support. Where is your dad, other siblings, aunts, or uncles in all this. The weight of all this should not all be on your shoulders. My dad unfortunately lives thousand of miles away from me. So, I naturally can't be his hands on caretaker. Dad lives in a assistant living facility but there is still tons of stuff that my brother and sister along with their spouses do to help dad out. Also, my teenager nieces and nephew help out. The care should never be thrown to one person especially someone as young as you.
Sarah, it's so nice hearing from a young person who cares and tries to help. So refreshing that you aren't whining about not having enough 'me' time.

I love this: Never take away a person's hope, it may be all they have.
>Please don't give up, don't let it beat you

love it! never give up!
Sarah, my heart goes out to you for having to face this at such a young age. Continue with that positive attitude.

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