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Sep 27, 2006
Our auto insurance policies are being non-renewed due to husband not being able to get letter from neuro that he can drive. I believe I've posted before about that. We don't have the money for independent eval.

So got the notice for non-renewal on autos, but at the end of all th ins gibberish on MY policy (which expires first) they tell us our homeowners is being CANCELED!

Can they do this? Sounds like discrimination to me!

I've contacted the insurance commissioner's office via email detailing the problem. Hope to hear back soon. This just ain't right!

"Oh I'm terribly sorry sir. You've got ALS and therefore we can no longer insure your residence. Who will you get to maintain your home dear sir? And what if one of those medical equipment thingamajgis gets knocked over dear sir? Oh, we could never be responsible for a claim such as that."

What do they think I have no B@##s? Oh, I forgot I'm a the south no less. Maybe if I tell them Rhett will be showing up soon and don't you worry yo selves none, it will all be all right. And I'll worry about it tomorrow...
There's no end to the fun! But there is an end to how much we can take!
We've been around and around about so many different things lately here at home. You just get so tired of it! I dread going to the mailbox anymore.
There has to be some mistake with regard to your homeowners. WTF! How are they related? They're completely separate.
I hope you can soon get this straightened out.
Take care and stay strong. We southern women are a strong stick-to-your-guns bunch. We don't take no &@%!@#$$ from no one!
What reason did they give for cancelling your home insurance? I'm an Insurance Agent and was an Underwriter for 7 years... they have to give you a reason. For the auto, it makes sense that your husband needs a Dr. evaluation, however frustrating that may be and I would think that your husband's Dr. would fill out the form for free. If they know you are working on getting it and if you are willing to let them remove him as a driver until you have a Dr. letter they will probably be happy to revoke the cancellation.

Some insurance companies won't carry just one policy and they require your auto to insure your home, or your home to insure your auto, etc. You should contact your carrier and have them reshop your insurances, that's their job and most agents work with SEVERAL insurance companies. Some good could come of this, you could end up with lower rates by moving to a new carrier. There are plenty out there to choose from, Safeco, Traveler's, Allied (Nationwide), Mercury, Encompass, etc. I could see them temporarily excluding your husband until he has his Dr.'s notice but not canceling your policies because of that! Make sure that you are BOTH listed as the Named Insured's on everything, especially your auto insurance.

If your agent isn't helping you, try this company:

**You would want to contact the brokerage division. **

I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this. As if we don't all have enough stress just trying to make it through one day at a time! Hope that this will help.

Take care,

Ahh yes CJ I have dealt with these jerks. I quit driving on my own a year and a half ago. This year the wife says my husband no longer drives so we think we'll get a reduction. Know what them pri-ks did? Charged us $12 more because we didn't have multiple drivers anymore. No wonder people go Postal.

CJ- I hope you get this resolved soon. Maybe even resolved to your benefit, like Califsand hinted! Cindy
That's weird to charge more for less drivers! Usually they give a multi car discount, but charge more for each driver.

My Dad's driving became unsafe and it was a constant argument between my brothers wanting it taken away and me arguing for his independence. After he totaled his car and was fortunate NOT to hurt himself or his passenger we did get his Dr. involved and had his driving priveledges removed. That was hard, I became his chauffer & errand runner on a daily basis after that. However, because of the way that ALS attacks the muscles and reaction ability being impaired, it was the right thing to do. None of us, especially my Dad, would have been able to forgive ourselves had a child run in front of his car and he been unable to react quickly enough. ALS is evil, it takes everything away :(
What is next? I have gotten to where I hate to even answer the phone wondering, what's next?

Is it just me or has the world gone crazy?

Stay strong, keep up the fight.
It does sound like discrimination!
They were OK with taking your money all these years.
cj, when i went to renew my drivers license, well they cancel it due to the fact i couldnt take a driving test. that was a year ago, havent heard from my insurance company, hope they wont cancell me, now im worried.

I wouldn't worry. If they were going to do it, they would have already and probably at the same time as your auto ins.

I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this. It may take a few days.
I'm waiting for response from GA Ins Commissioners office. In the meantime my agent says this is a misunderstanding. We'll see.
THat is BS! I am so sorry that this happened. Never even thought about all that stuff with insurance...the fun just never ends (sarcasm)! Hang in there...maybe you will find even better insurance. Fondly, KR
Hello everyone....hmmm. I think some insurance companies are taking people for a sleigh ride. When I had my 'CVA' hospital reported me to motor vehicle, and license was revoked about a year later. When my husband called to remove me from the policy, they said I still needed to be covered in case I was injured during an accident.

Made absolutely no sense to me! :?: I hope you all can resolve these issues!

take care
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