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Jul 14, 2005
I have purchased the book "Eric is winning" for us, the family, and my dad. I came across it on the ALS- options website. I was so glad to see it mentioned so much in the forum and look forward to reading through it this weeeknd.

Have any of you had an experience with homeopathic treatments, are there any that would be worth looking into other than what might be outlined in the above mentioned book? I have been very much into aromatherapy and organics myself but was wondering if there are any recommendations for such practices for ALS?

I look forward to hearing any advice or feedback.

Yes, I purchased the book too... You can see the discussion we had couple of days ago on that subject. Read it, and may be check again our comments - the book will give you a lot of good basic ideas, but do not hurry to pile up supplements and "things" in the shopping cart, before you have established somewhat clear thougth of how your dad is going to tackle the situation. It is difficult to make any suggestions, without knowing what are your dad's symptoms, and which type of asl onset he was diagn with. Best,
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