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Dec 17, 2004

I live in Toronto and my mother has Bulbar ALS. We have begun homeopathic treatment which involves large doses of Vitamin E, Injections of Glutothione, Creatine and a regimented diet and exercise.

I was wondering if anyone else has tried this treatment? Our neurologist had noticed some very significant things which are direct results of ALS and suggests that bringing these things to a balnce may have an effect. We have noticed that her White blood cells are almost doubled in number and also that they are extremely bunched together. We have also discovered that her PH Balance is Extremely Alkaline which is very abnormal. He is 99% sure that this is definately some how directly or indirectly involved with ALS. We are now in the process of balancing her ph levels and reducing her levels of metals in her Body.

I was wondering if some else has noticed the same results.?
I've was diagnosed (July 02) with limb onset and been under going Homeopathic Treatment ever since.
To date my bloodwork has been normal.

What other treatments has your mother undergone?(Cranial Sacral, Accupressure, Bodytalk, Lomi lomi...etc.)
How does the neurologist feel about the Homeopathic Treatment(s)?
And most importantly...
How does your Mom feel?
Hi there,

My husband has followed a strict homopathic regimen ever since he was dix'd in early 98. He has followed what you have described very closely. He also had very high levels of alkaline as well. We managed to lower his levels and approach a better acid balance with diet and when he was able with excercise. His metal levels were off the scale. So, we had all of his metal fillings removed from his teeth and replaced with porcelin. Expensive, but I think it has given him lots of extra time. Who knows, we think it has helped and he is still here, so, along with juicing everyday, (this is and has been most beneficial to him) there are things to help combat and retard this thing. However, do not break the bank, some of these things are very costly and tiring. Do what is in your limits, and eating right and getting proper rest is still beneficial as well. We have done it all from acupunture, herbs, formulas, creatine, and I think we have benefited from all of these things in some way. You just have to do what you have to do. The human will is still a very powerful force, and in the end that is what will sustain you. Good luck, and if you want anymore info on what Henry has done in the past and now, just let me know.

Stay Strong, God Bless.

Carol D.
removing heavy metals

Has any one used chelation therapy to remove heavy metals from the body? :?:

What other methods have been tried successfully?
homopathic treatments...removal of mercury

WOW...what a coincidence.....I am a total believer of homopathic treatment and today I had a colonic done and Richard went with homopath talked to Richard about the damage the mercury can cause and told him about her experiences and how she felt so totally different after having all fillings replaced....she provided us with many successful stories she had read. There was a patient there as well suffering from a brain tumor and he found a large difference as well after having his mercury fillings removed. I had read about a gentleman in the US by the name of Eric, that proves he has slowed the progression of ALS by de-toxifying his body...he talks about the removal of the mercury...having colonics..and also a liver detoxification as well....what has anyone to lose trying these methods? I suffered with my bowels and tried to follow doctors orders for years..thank God for my colon hygienist Christine...she has been my saviour....if these methods will keep Richard around longer..then I am for them...I am so glad this has been mentioned and I will show him the posts....
Technical question:

HOW were you all tested for heavy metals in your bodies? What TESTS or treatments were performed?
Hey Karen,

Christine did Henry's colonic treatments for almost 2 years, I went to her as well. Isn't she a sweetie. Nice lady. We have not seen her in about 2 years, please tell her hi from us, and please feel free to give her the update on Henry. Henry's chelation treatments were limited to 1 year, non iv, but did seem to be beneficial to him. He seemed stronger after each treatment, and I think this too helped keep him on his feet longer. All in all, we have tried just about everything going, and found good in all of the treatments, and when the benefits wore off, we went to the next level. Hope you all find your treatments work. It is hard to do nothing, and when there is alternatives, you just have to go with it. Good luck.

Stay Strong, talk soon....

Love, Carol
I was diagnosed with ALS (or at least ALS was the one thing that could not be ruled out that explains my symptoms) a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say I am a little freaked out but I am trying to remain positive.

I have an appointment with the Sunnybrook clinic on August 9, 2005 – but have been pretty much left stranded by the medical establishment until that time. In any event, I don’t think conventional medicine has the answers and I am looking into Homeopathic treatments and found this slightly old thread.

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good homeopathic doctor? Also, a couple of you mentioned a colon hygienist named Christine – can someone message her contact particulars to me?

This thread also had a few unanswered questions about detoxification.

The “Eric” referred to about is Eric Edney who has apparently lived with ALS for 15 years and claims to have arrested its progression and to be actually improving in some areas. Eric attributes his success to detoxification and diet. If any of you are looking for some hope and are not aware of Eric you should check out his site:

It provides a homeopathic regimen to combat ALS – with ways to test for toxic metals (hair analysis) etc. Eric has also written a book which is pretty interesting and positive. There are details about his book on the web site.

There is also another site with homeopathic remedies. It seems fairly objective although it although they do sells some products.

Good luck everyone and keep up the fight!
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